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Why you should not ignore the online medical check up?

You should not ignore online medical check-up because many diseases take years to develop. Most of the time for many illnesses it is easy to get a solution in the preliminary phases. If we do not undergo regular online medical check-ups, then there is a possibility that we may lose to track the development of illnesses in the preliminary phases. Simple issues like high blood sugar may sometimes lead to chronic CKD. Regular health check-up tests are mandatory in developed nations. Unfortunately, in India, we do not have a policy like that. Still, there are numbers of Laboratories across India that offer these tests. Contact us if you have any questions related to general health checkup list or full body health check-up packages.

Online health test booking at areyouhealthy.in

Areyouhealthy.in offers highly efficient health checkup and full body checkup packages across India with the help of its well-known laboratory partner. If a patient is interested in getting a full blood test done, then this can be initiated by submitting the details on the online booking form at areyouhealthy.in. The collection specialist will visit the patient and collect the sample. This service is available in almost every city of India. No credit card or upfront payment is needed. The fee can be paid at the time of sample collection.

On the Internet, you will find many health checkup packages. When you book online health checkup ask the representative straight question. How many test parameters are covered?. Sometimes a website may include inexpensive tests and show a vast number of test parameters. You should work with a health checkup website that offers a maximum number of test parameters at the lowest cost.

Is the test sample barcoded? If the laboratory is not using a barcoding system, then the samples of patients may get mixed up, and this may result in the wrong reporting. Apart from checking full body test check up list, you should also identify if the laboratory uses of barcoding system. Our solution provider uses a massive technology infrastructure and barcodes every sample. This offers a high level of accuracy in results and report.

In today’s world where everyone goes through tremendous stress, it’s vital for us to undergo total body checkup for at least once a year. Most common tests that are included in complete body checkup are.

  • Analysis of Red Blood Cells
  • Blood Pressure Analysis
  • Red Blood Cell Count
  • WBC Count
  • Complete blood count CBC
  • Blood cells and platelets analysis
  • Analysis of increase and decrease in vital health parameters
  • Analysis of the normal range of elements in the blood
  • Laboratory-based medical conditions analysis of kidney function as well as liver function.
  • Analysis of factors affecting the immune system.
  • Other preventive health tests that should be regularly done to analyze the health condition.

With Areyouhealthy you can book your complete health checkup or full body checkup over the phone just by calling us on + 919 6436 14168. You can also send us an email or book health check-up online at areyouhealthy.in. You can also fill the online health checkup booking form. These health checkup packages include various test parameters. These parameters include general check-up as well as in-depth analysis of blood count and many other factors.

Factors to keep in mind when you are booking online health checkup. There are thousands of websites offering the facility of booking online health checkup. Here we have listed some factors that will help you to identify the best health checkup package

The Indian Healthcare industry is price sensitive. When you book full body check up package online, you must ensure that you are getting best rates. It can be easily done when you evaluate the cost of health checkup packages on different websites. Having said that cost should always not be the only factor. Other factors that include the recognition of the laboratory and the reputation is also critical.

It is vital for any health checkup laboratory to deliver good service. A better service delivery and quality results help the laboratory to achieve longer service time frame. You should evaluate and see how long the laboratory has been in the business. Our laboratory partner started its operation way back in 1996. The organization has been in business for over 20 years now.

Corporate clients can get a good discount if they place bulk orders for the full body check up tests. an individual online medical checkup can cost more, but when ordered in bulk we can procure a better discount from the laboratory. feel free to contact us on 7289876363 for more information about the bulk discount for corporate discounts on full body checkup prices.

Is the laboratory accredited to National bodies like in NABL?

There are local laboratories with one or two collection centers, and there are national laboratories with hundreds of collection centers. We work with one of the most prominent laboratories in India. The NABL Accreditation ensures that qualified individuals perform the tests and they only use high-end laboratory equipment. No matter if you are going for a general health check-up or full blood count as it is essential for you to work with a highly recognized laboratory.

Can you receive the health check-up report over email and hard copies?

When you go for an online health check up, then you should expect to get reports on email to save your time. Our system has the capability of delivering reports to your registered email address. It will help you to save your time, and you will not have to wait for the physical reports to be delivered. If you want a physical can also be delivered but that may attract an additional cost.

Our Service

We work as a DSA of a well known Laboratory in india. The laboratory offers a huge range of services that include various body test and preventive body check up across India.

Largest Range of Health Checkup Packages in India

We offer various types of health checkup packages. Based on your requirements or your age you can decide which profile or package is best for you. We encourage you to check the list of health checkup packages and the list of individual tests. Based on your analysis you can choose any of these. Please note some health checkup packages may require fasting. To ensure proper health condition, we strongly recommend you to use annual preventive health checkup packages. The process of booking a consultation is simple. Select the profile or the test from a website by clicking on the book now button. Fill all your details that will help us to arrange a callback. The Test Booking team will contact you and let you know about the schedule of home collection pickup. You do not have to make any upfront payment. You can pay for your health checks at the time of sample collection. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of Preventive health check-up packages in India.

Affordable Full Body Checkup Pricing

The price for full body checkup varies depending upon the profile selection. Our website offers a massive range of health checkup packages. Health checkup packages start from as low as Rs. 400 and can reach as high as Rs. 5000. You can contact our team, and they will be able to suggest you the best preventive health checkup package for your age and your requirements. We recommend that if your age is below 30, then you should go for a health checkup every year. If you are between 30 to 40 years of age, then you should go for a health check-up every six months. To closely monitor your health we recommend that any individual above the age of 40 should get a preventive full body checkup done every quarter. The selection of the profile depends a lot on your lifestyle. If someone consumes a lot of alcohol, then the requirement may vary, and the test may be expensive. For regular body checkup or a General health checkup recommended by any medical doctor, the pricing can be quiet economical.

Total Body Checkup Home Collection Service available in almost every city of India.

Areyouhealthy.in believes in making Healthcare affordable and accessible. These total body checkup packages are available in almost every city of India. No matter if you are located in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, Hyderabad or any other City in India. There is a very high possibility that our partner laboratory network will be able to arrange a home pick up facility. We keep the process very transparent and to ensure your satisfaction we do not ask for any upfront payment. For your total body checkup, the amount has to be paid by you at the time of sample collection. To fix an appointment, you will have to respond with an SMS, Phone call or WhatsApp message about your acknowledgment and acceptance of the home pick up facility. To arrange a  Full Body Health Check-up Package contact Areyouhealthy today.