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About 17 OH Progesterone Test In India

Want to book 17 OH Progesterone Test? You are indeed screening the best ever deal on the internet. Just click the SUBMIT button after entering all the required details in the alongside form. Leave the rest part for us. We will be sending a team of sample collector at your provided address in the booked time slot. Your next query might be the 17 OH Progesterone test cost. We are the best in the price segment as well. We provide the doorstep 17 Oh Progesterone Test. This price includes all charges. You won’t be charged even a paisa except for this amount. All the tests provided by AreYouHealthy are carried forward by our partner Thyrocare and their experts. The samples collected are sent to the best-certified labs across India. You might have some queries in your mind. Give us a call on 7289-87-6363. We have a 24×7 support team to assist you.

17 OH Progesterone Test Cost In India

The pricing can vary depending on the lab. Here at Areyouhealthy.in, we believe that the cost should be low when it comes to healthcare and health checkups. This is the key reason we work on a very low margin. The cost that you pay for this test on our website is one of the lowest prices that you can find across India. The best part is that it comes with home sample collection and email reports.

17 OH Progesterone Test Description

  • UNITS: ng/mL
  • VOLUME: 1ml

Other Names For 17 OH Progesterone Test

It is quite common to find websites refer to the same test as 17-OHP. This is a shorter form of the same test. Some doctors may also recommend it simply as 17a or 17a-OH. The OH represents Hydroxy, and that is why few websites may refer to the same test as 17 Hydroxy Progesterone.

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