Thyrocare Health Screen Packages

Thyrocare Health Screen Packages

Compare all 6 Thyrocare Health Screen Packages.


72 Test Parameters
  • DIABETES (2)
  • LIPID (8)
  • LIVER (11)
  • RENAL (5)
  • THYROID (3)


76 Test Parameters
  • DIABETES (2)
  • LIPID (8)
  • LIVER (11)
  • RENAL (5)
  • THYROID (3)
  • VITAMIN (4)


81 Test Parameters
  • DIABETES (2)
  • LIPID (8)
  • LIVER (11)
  • RENAL (5)
  • THYROID (3)
  • VITAMIN (4)


86 Test Parameters
  • DIABETES (2)
  • HORMONE (1)
  • LIPID (8)
  • LIVER (9)
  • RENAL (5)
  • THYROID (3)
  • VITAMIN (3)


71 Test Parameters
  • DIABETES (4)
  • LIPID (8)
  • LIVER (11)
  • RENAL (8)
  • THYROID (3)


33 Test Parameters
  • DIABETES (2)
  • THYROID (3)

Health Screen Packages By Thyrocare

These 6 packages are created by performinh extenciove research oh the Indian Preventive Health Care Market.

Why Thyrocare Health Screen Packages

Thea health screen packages from Thyrocare are becoming extremely popular. Most of the well known test parameters are included in these packages. Starting with Complete Blood Count to Renal and Lipid profile. These packages are crafted to deliver best value for money.

How AreYouHealth Works With Thyrocare

AreYouHealth is a proud DSA of Thyrocare. We are proud to work exclusively only with Thyrocare. The reason behind the trust is the 20 Years plus service to the Indian society delivered by Thyrocare. We assure that the tests are performed in the best grade laboratory.

Is home sample collection available?

Indeed Yes. You can avail home blood test sample collection service in almost every city of India. Start with the booking form on our website and a representative will call you soon .

Can i really Book Now and Pay later.

Thats so correct. We do not want you to use any credit or debit card on our website and that is why we have Book Now And Pay Later Facility. To make the online booking you do not have to pay upfront. Payment only at the time of sample collection.

How To Take Care Of Your Heart

A heart is the main constituent part of our body. Heart plays a significant role in our health. If your heart is not healthy, your entire body might be worse. You must consult your doctor about your heart’s health. You may not be aware of diseases which are developing in your heart. The reason might be that there are no symptoms. So, it is very important to take regular health check up for heart. We highly recommended that if you’re over 45 years of age, you must go for a heart health checkup, i.e., cardiac risk assessment.

A cardiac risk assessment will tell you if you have any cardiovascular diseases.
Most important indicators for cardiac risk are those of a person’s health history. Some of these includes:
1. Age
2. Family history
3. Weight
4. Cigarette smoking
5. Blood pressure
6. Diet
7. Exercise
8. Diabetes

Some Important Tests For Heart:

Your doctor will perform some tests to check your hearts’ health. He will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and will take some blood tests.
1) Heart Rate:
A doctor will feel your pulses. Pulses are checked to know the heart rate and rhythm. Each pulse will match up to your heartbeat. Your pulses help your doctor to understand your blood flow and blood pressure. Your heart rate is the number of heartbeats in one minute.

To measure your pulse on your own:

1) Get a watch.
2) Make sure it has a second hand.
3) Place your finger in the inner wrist of other arms (just below the thumb).
4) You will feel tapping against your finger.
5) Count the number of tapping you feel in 1 minute.

2) Blood Pressure:
Blood pressure is a pressure of your blood as your heart pumps blood around the body.
When you are at rest, average blood pressure level is less than 120 over less than 80. High blood is also known as hypertension. High blood pressure can narrow the wall of arteries which can block the flow to your heart. It can cause heart diseases like heart attack and stroke.

3) Blood Test:
This test will measure the level of sodium, potassium, albumin, creatinine, etc. If the test result is not normal it indicates that you might have some problems related to kidney, liver, and heart. A blood test can measure the cholesterol level. It helps to diagnose other diseases like anemia, thyroid, etc which could affect your heart.


1) Schedule your heart health checkup:
Your heart is your responsibility. Make sure you schedule a health checkup to check a level of cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose. Ask your doctor to help you to maintain your health. Be sure to follow your doctor instructions.

2) Eat healthy:
Put healthy fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks in your refrigerator. If you take healthy foods for 21 days, healthy choices will become your habit.

3) Get physical:
Do some exercise and jogging for 15 minutes a day. Exercise will help you to maintain your health.
Increase your activity by 5 minutes every week.

4) Drink more water:
Drinking fresh water is a primary choice for good health. Carry one water bottle everytime you go outside. Try to keep yourself hydrated.

5) Quit smoking:
Try to avoid your smoking habit. Smokers have more probability of having a heart attack as compared to non smokers. So, it’s better to leave before it’s too late to quit your smoking habit.

6) Eat less salt:
More salt intake leads to high level of blood pressure. Which increases your risk of developing heart diseases. Daily consumption of salt should not be more than 6g.

7) Control cholesterol:
Eating food containing high saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol can lead to high level of cholesterol. High cholesterol is not good for your health. To maintain your cholesterol levels eat foods with low trans fat, eat chicken, fruits, vegetables, etc.

8) Maintain healthy weight:
If you exceed an average healthy weight your risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes increases. To maintain a healthy weight try to take 200-300 calories. Try to do some exercise for at least 30 minutes. Weight loss is tough for every patient. Try to do some physical activity every day by which your body can get some profit.

Areyouhealthy offers many health check up for heart. Many heart patients are not able to maintain the health of their heart. We are here to help with regular health checkups for heart. If you want to use our service call us on +917289-87-6363 or visit You can also make an online booking on our site.

8 tests you should know about diabetes


Being healthy is very prominent and challenging nowadays. Being a diabetic patient, the best way to stay healthy is by taking care of yourself at home and getting regular health checkups. Doctors will do some tests to find any problems so that they can be treated early. If you detect them early, you can diagnose diabetes with exercise, diet, or medication. There are some important tests which should be taken by every diabetic patient to live their life happily. A diabetic patient has to be very careful in every stage of their life. Any little mistake can complicate their life to the fullest. They must go for regular health check up for diabetes. Being unhealthy arises many diabetes complications. Every person should take diabetes and prediabetes test. Prediabetes is a warning condition which indicates that you are on the way to develop type 2 diabetes.

There are three main types of diabetes:

1) Type 1 diabetes:
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition. It means your immune system destroys the beta cells in your pancreas that produce insulin.

2) Type 2 diabetes:
They are insulin resistance. It means your body is not able to use insulin efficiently. A lesser amount of insulin production leads to higher blood sugar. Cause of type 2 diabetes is unknown. Factors may include genetic and being overweight.

3) Gestational diabetes:
This diabetes is due to insulin-blocking hormones which is produced during pregnancy. This diabetes only occurs during pregnancy.


1. A1C TEST:

Hemoglobin A1C test is a blood test. This test shows the level of your blood sugar. The test result of blood sugar level will be given in percentage. If the percentage is high, it means your blood glucose level is high which is not good. Your A1C level must be less than 7%. It is highly recommended to take this test twice a year.


A patient should check its blood pressure regularly at home. Your doctor will also check your blood pressure whenever you visit the hospital. While checking blood pressure, your first value, i.e., systolic should be less than 120 and a second value, i.e., diastolic should be less than under 80. If blood pressure is high, it is not good for your health. If you are not trying to manage it well, you might have heart diseases like heart attack and stroke.


Cholesterol and triglycerides are types of fats which is found in our body. These type of fats can accumulate in your arteries. Due to which it can lead to many problems related to your heart. It is very important to maintain your cholesterol levels.

High level of blood sugar leads to high level of cholesterol. In this test 3 elements are to be checked, i.e., LDL(bad cholesterol), HDL(good cholesterol), and triglycerides. LDL level of a normal person should be less than 100. Level of triglycerides should be under 150.

You should take this test at least once a year. This test measures the amount of albumin in your urine. If your blood pressure and blood sugar are high, it damages your kidney and leaks out. Functioning of the kidney can be determined by the ratio of albumin to creatinine.


Most of all diabetic people will lose their feeling in their feet. It would help if you got checked your feet by a doctor at least once a year. Diabetes can cause nerve damages due to which your feet will lose to feel anything. If that happens, you may not notice any cuts, bruises or any other problem. If they are not treated on time, it can become a bigger problem. It can cause calluses, infection, sores, and loss of feeling.


Overweight might be one of the reasons for being diabetic. Being overweight can also make the condition worse. You should check your weight regularly like blood pressure and blood sugar. It is easier to control your blood pressure and blood sugar when you have a healthy weight.


Dental disease is lesser known complications for a diabetic patient. Diabetes can damage your blood vessels of your mouth. Due to which you may develop gum diseases and tooth decay. It would be best if you took dental checkup at least twice a year. You must take care of your gums. They are the only way to intake food. If your gums are not healthy enough, you will not be able to eat anything. Due to the lack of proteins and vitamins your health might get worse.


While taking eye exam tell your doctor that you have diabetes. A doctor will give you an eye drop. The eye drop is used to widen your pupil to check any damages to your blood vessels in your eyes. An eye exam should be done every year.

Areyouhealthy is happy to help diabetic patients. We offer many health check up for diabetes. Diabetic patients are always welcome to use our service. If you have any queries about a health-related topic, we are here to help. For booking and queries call us on 7289876363 or visit

An Introduction To Health Checkup Packages.

Health Checkup. Yes, you need it!

Like all the sophisticated machines, our body also constitutes many distinct organs (parts), which undergo wear and tear with the passing time. Every machine needs maintenance, so is with our body.

Let’s say that you are going on a long trip with your family in your car. Now our human psyche says that, before starting the trip, we should always get the car checked by a mechanic and get the bug fixed if there is any.

Exactly the same is with our life. Our life is like a trip, and the body works as a car. Health Checkup always proves to be beneficial for every individual who wishes to have a healthy lifestyle in this stressful and polluted environment.

Why is it important to have a Health Checkup?

I know that you care for your family and always want to see their smiling face. To see your dependents and loved ones happy, you need to be fit and healthy. But it’s sad to say that no one knows when can a disease be knocking at your door. The only way to treat the disease before it actually grows is by going for a regular Health Checkup.

Preventive Health Checkups help you in early detection of a potential health issue, and you will be able to get suitable treatment for that. Health checks vary depending on specific parameters like age, sex, family health history and of course your lifestyle. Health checks not only promote better health but also affects the GDP of the nations.

What is a Health Checkup package?

Every organ in our body requires a different test or examination to find whether it is malfunctioning or performing well. It includes a series of tests in a health checkup to determine whether you are on the right health track. The moto behind performing a health checkup is to find any hidden disease and cure it before growing inside the body.

A Health Checkup package consists of many test parameters. You can freely choose a package depending on your requirements which is based on factors like age, sex, health issues etc.

Listed below are some of the tests which constitute regular Health Checkup package.

  • Normal physical tests consisting of height, weight, pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature etc.
  • Finding infections, anaemia, or the onset of other diseases through the Blood test.
  • Assession of Cardiovascular risk by performing Lipid profile test.
  • Liver diseases are diagnosed by Liver function tests and it also analyses it’s functioning.
  • Kidney function tests examine the kidney’s proper functioning.
  • Blood Glucose level is measured by Blood Sugar test to identify Diabetes or pre-diabetes.
  • A urine test is done for a general health assessment in terms of systemic or metabolic diseases.

You can check these Health Checkup Packages.

Don’t take it as a choice, but treat it as a requirement. Say YES to Preventive Health care! A disease might be lying dormant, silently doing its dirty job. We know you care for your health and want to detect it. For that, you need to get yourself checked periodically. Health checks not only prevent diseases from developing but also maintain your health optimally. Treatments are more effective and curative when the problem is found in its early stage. Certain diseases come up with their signs and symptoms when it’s already too late. These need to be identified at the earliest and regular Health checks point it out.

However, good health condition cannot be achieved only by medical checkups. It is always recommended that to lead a healthy lifestyle, one should also inculcate certain good habits along with few sacrifices as well. Having command over your diet is a must. Your diet should be balanced. Consuming too much salt and sugar is never a good habit. Harmful intakes, such as alcohol, tobacco etc. should be avoided. You must also go for some routine exercises for best results.

For offers and details regarding Health Checkup Packages in India dial our India Phone Number +917289-87-6363.
Or you can email us on [email protected]

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