Thyrocare Health Screen Packages

Thyrocare Health Screen Packages Compare all 6 Thyrocare Health Screen Packages. HEALTHSCREENM-NEW 33 Test Parameters COMPLETE HEMOGRAM (28) DIABETES (2) THYROID (3) Book Health Screen M – New HEALTHSCREENA-NEW 72 Test Parameters CARDIAC RISK MARKERS (1) COMPLETE HEMOGRAM (28) DIABETES (2) IRON DEFICIENCY (3) LIPID (8) LIVER (11) PANCREATIC (2) RENAL (5) THYROID (3) TOXIC […]

How To Take Care Of Your Heart

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A heart is the main constituent part of our body. Heart plays a significant role in our health. If your heart is not healthy, your entire body might be worse. You must consult your doctor about your heart’s health. You may not be aware of diseases which are developing in your heart. The reason might […]

8 Tests You Should Know About Diabetes

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Being healthy is very prominent and challenging nowadays. Being a diabetic patient, the best way to stay healthy is by taking care of yourself at home and getting regular health checkups. Doctors will do some tests to find any problems so that they can be treated early. If you detect them early, you can diagnose […]

An Introduction To Health Checkup Packages.


Health Checkup. Yes, you need it! Like all the sophisticated machines, our body also constitutes many distinct organs (parts), which undergo wear and tear with the passing time. Every machine needs maintenance, so is with our body. Let’s say that you are going on a long trip with your family in your car. Now our […]