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Aarogyam A By Thyrocare


Booking the Thyrocare Aarogyam A Profile is easy. The best thing is you do not need a credit or debit card to place the home sample collection request. All you have to do is fill the home sample collection booking form. A representative will come at your home at the assigned date and time to collect health checkup sample. At the time of sample collection you can make the payment to the sample collection executive. Throcare Aarogyam A Requires 10 to 12 hours of fasting.

Aarogyam a is a great preventive health checkup package from Thyrocare. With this preventive health checkup package you can easily get detailed analysis of function of basic organs as well as pancreas. This profile includes a detailed analysis of these vital organs and elements.

  • Thyroid Profile
  • Diabetic Screen
  • Iron Deficiency
  • Kidney Profile
  • Cholesterol Profile
  • Pancreas profile
  • Liver Profile
  • Complete Hemogram

As a responsible company with ISO 9001-2008 certification Thyrocare offers top notch services. The analysis of samples is performed at a NABL (national accreditation board) accredited laboratory. You can be rest assured about the quality and accuracy of reports. Thyrocare has over 20,000 service centers. The company offer world class diagnostic services. The sample collection can be done at your preferred location as per the free schedule of yours. With multiple diagnostic laboratories in India the company can offer reports on time.

Aarogyam A is a preventive health checkup package with 30 test parameters. The test parameters are distributed under 5 sub-profiles. It covers a range of health-related problems. A significant part of the body gets scanned for many issues when a person goes for Aarogyam A package.

Are you looking for Aarogyam A profile in India?

AreYouHealthy offers the complete Aarogyam A package at the most affordable price on the internet. We are associated with Thyrocare, India’s #1 Health checkup provider. All the booking you make here will be carried forward by the experts from Thyrocare. The Labs are known to produce the accurate results and are laced with the certification like ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & NGSP, CAP, NABL, ISO 27001 & NGSP (For HbA1c).

Book the Aarogyam A package just by clicking the SUBMIT button after filling the form alongside. And be ready for the sample collection from your home. Our representatives will reach your provided address in the reserved time slot by you. The 5 sub-profiles are as follows:

  • THYROID PROFILE(3). Containing 3 test parameters, the Thyroid sub-profile examines the working of the small butterfly-shaped thyroid gland. This small gland is located in the windpipe in the lower neck. The two vital hormones, i.e., T4 (Thyroxine) and T3 (Triiodothyronine) are produced by the thyroid gland. Any deficiency or overproduction of these two hormones leads to symptoms like sleeping difficulty, lack of energy, weight gain etc.
  • LIPID PROFILE(8). The Lipid sub-profiles having 8 test parameters measure the level of cholesterol and other fats inside our body. The lipid profile is also known as Lipoprotein profile. Cholesterol and Triglycerides are the two fats responsible for enhancing cell health. But it is to keep in mind that when these two fats build inside the blood, proves to be harmful as well. One can also predetermine the strokes and heart diseases with the help of the lipid profile.
  • LIVER PROFILE(11). The liver being an essential organ of the body needs to be monitored for its health. The Liver sub-profile has 11 test parameters. It is a part of Aarogyam A health checkup package which measures the levels of various liver enzymes, proteins, bilirubin etc. in the blood. Eventually, this profile helps in analysing the liver health.
  • RENAL PROFILE(5). Maintaining the health of major organs like the kidney is important. The renal sub-profile under Aarogyam A health checkup package is packed with 5 test parameters. It determines the kidney health. The Kidney in our body does the job of filtering waste and excess of water from the blood. It filters approximately 180 litres of blood throughout the day.
  • IRON DEFICIENCY PROFILE(3). There are 3 test parameters in the Iron Deficiency sub-profile. This profile is meant to analyse blood for Transferrin and Iron Content level. Apart from this, Iron deficiency profile also determine the iron binding capacity of the blood. Many types of Anaemia which are caused due to iron deficiency gets detected. As a perk, it helps in identifying heart diseases.

When will you get the result of Aarogyam A health checkup package?

It usually takes 48-72 hours. We will send the test reports on your registered email address. You can also request for a hard copy of the reports. It will cost you an extra of Rs. 50/-. All the results will be sent to you by courier on your registered address.

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