An Introduction To Health Checkup Packages

Health Checkup. Yes, You Need It!

Like all the sophisticated machines, our body also constitutes many distinct organs (parts), which undergo wear and tear with the passing time. Every machine needs maintenance, so it is with our body.

Let say that you are going on a long trip with your family in your car. Now our human psyche says that, before starting the trip, we should always get the car checked by a mechanic and get the bug fixed if there is any. The same is with our life. Our life is like a trip, and the body works as a car. Health Checkup always proves to be beneficial for every individual who wishes to have a healthy lifestyle in this stressful and polluted environment.

Why is it important to have a Health Checkup?

I know that you care for your family and always want to see their smiling face. To see your dependents and loved ones happy, you need to be fit and healthy. But it’s sad to say that no one knows when can a disease be knocking at your door. The only way to treat the disease before it grows is by going for a regular Health Checkup.

Preventive Health Checkups help you in early detection of a potential health issue, and you will be able to get suitable treatment for that. Health checks vary depending on specific parameters like age, sex, family health history and of course, your lifestyle. Health checks not only promote better health but also affects the GDP of the nations.

What is a Health Checkup package?

Every organ in our body requires a different test or examination to find whether it is malfunctioning or performing well. It includes a series of tests in a health checkup to determine whether you are on the right health track. The moto behind performing a health checkup is to find any hidden disease and cure it before growing inside the body.

A Health Checkup package consists of many test parameters. You can freely choose a package depending on your requirements which is based on factors like age, sex, health issues etc.

Listed below are some of the tests which constitute regular Health Checkup package

  • Normal physical tests are consisting of height, weight, pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature etc.
  • Finding infections, anaemia, or the onset of other diseases through the Blood test.
  • Liver diseases are diagnosed with Liver function tests, and it also analyses it’s functioning.
  • Kidney function tests examine the kidney’s proper functioning.
  • Blood Glucose level is measured by Blood Sugar test to identify Diabetes or pre-diabetes.
  • A urine test is done for a general health assessment in terms of systemic or metabolic diseases.

Don’t take it as a choice, but treat it as a requirement. Say YES to Preventive Health care! A disease might be lying dormant, silently doing its dirty job. We know you care for your health and want to detect it. For that, you need to get yourself checked periodically. Health checks not only prevent diseases from developing but also maintain your health optimally. Treatments are more effective and curative when the problem is found in its early stage. Certain diseases come up with their signs and symptoms when it’s already too late. These need to be identified at the earliest and regular Health checks point it out.

However, good health condition cannot be achieved only by medical checkups. It is always recommended that to lead a healthy lifestyle; one should also inculcate certain good habits along with few sacrifices as well. Having command over your diet is a must. Your diet should be balanced. Consuming too much salt and sugar is never a good habit. Harmful intakes, such as alcohol, tobacco etc. should be avoided. You must also go for some routine exercises for best results.

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