Anti Mullerian Hormone Test

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Price @ 1,450/- Only | Non Fasting | Sample Type: Serum

About AMH Blood Test

The Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is also known by several other names. They are AMH hormone test, MIH, MIS, MIF etc.

The Anti-Mullerian Hormone test is recommended for women and infants. In women, the test evaluates the ovarian function and fertility etc. In infants, the test determines the presence of an external sex organ.

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Why Get Tested For Anti Mullerian Hormone Test?

The Anti-Mullerian test is recommended for both women as well as children. In women, this test is performed to analyse the ovarian function and fertility. Sometimes, this test also helps in determining PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This test evaluates the effectiveness of ovarian cancer treatment.

In infants, the Anti-Mullerian test evaluates for the presence of external sex organs that in some circumstances are neither a male nor a female. This condition is known as ambiguous genitalia.

When To Get Tested For Anti Mullerian Hormone Test?

If a lady wants to evaluate her fertility, she can go for the Anti Mullerian Hormone test. The test also predicts the onset of menopause. It is prescribed periodically to a woman undergoing AMH-producing ovarian cancer treatment. The Anti-Mullerian test is done on an infant boy who is suspected of having no testicles, or they are not functioning correctly.

What Is The Sample Required For Anti-Mullerian Test?

The test sample collectors collect a sample of blood for performing the test.

Does The Test Require Any Preparation?

No, the Anti-Mullerian test doesn’t require any preparation.

Need Any Assistance?

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AMH Test Description

  • UNITS: ng/mL
  • VOLUME: 1ml