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Fasting Needed | Sample Type: Blood

About Thyrocare Bone Profile A Test

Bone Profile A is a test which is used to determine the working of the metabolic process of the skeleton. As we age, our bones tend to become weaker because of the reduction in the process of metabolism. That is why people who want to have a healthy lifestyle and stronger bone power, they should undergo a Bone Profile A test. This will help you in the longer-term to know the status of your bones, and you can easily make it stronger if required at a younger age. So book this test now at a special discounted price and take a step on making your future better and stronger.

Test Parameters Included In Bone Profile A












  1. VITAMIN B-12

Why Do You Need A Bone Profile A Test?

The condition of diminished bone density is called osteopenia. When a significant loss in the bone density is observed, such that the bone is markedly weakened and prone to fracture, the condition is termed as porous bone (osteoporosis), This increases the factors and risks of bone fractures, especially in the wrists, hips and spine. It can affect anyone, the risk of generating bone disorders increases with age, women are significantly affected more in comparison to the men, and is most prevalent in Asian women and Caucasian. Nearly 3 out of 10 people in India have osteoporosis, and other people have lower bone mass, and serum zinc is at risk of generating the bone disease. And those who have osteoporosis, 80% are women. Risk is also tended higher in individuals with petite bodies who are likely to have a bone mass supply lower than average.

Why Is It Required To Go For Bone Profile A Test At Older Age?

Most of the people at risk for bone diseases are not aware of it. It is known as a silent disease because there are usually no proper signs of the disorder until a person has a bone fracture. This breakage, frequently in the vertebrae of the spine, in the wrist, or the hip, can occur with very less pressure and can cause the person significant pain and permanent disability. If the fracture creates serious issues and affects the person’s overall health, this may become a supporting factor in the person’s death.
Bones are majorly a combination of calcium, alkaline phosphatase and type-I collagen protein. The protein forms a spongy mineralized by the addition of the calcium compound to make the bones both flexible and stronger.

How To Apply For Bone Test Package (Bone Profile A) At Home?

Booking a bone profile A test at home is now simple and straightforward with Areyouhealthy. You need to fill the test booking form with the required details like Full name, Address with area pin code, contact number. After submitting the form, our executive will contact you for finalizing the test booking slot as per your convenience at residence. Blood test reports will be mailed to your provided mailing address within 2-3 days or earlier depending upon the number of test bookings in your region or nearby test laboratory.

What Is Preparation Required For Bone Profile A Test?

Bone Profile A test is based on blood samples and requires 10-12 hours of fasting only and can be booked by filling the required details in the form and then just submitting it.