C-Peptide Test

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Price @ 900/- Only | Fasting  Needed | Sample Type: Serum

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What Is The C-Peptide Test?

  • C-Peptide test analyses the level of C-peptide in the blood or urine.
  • This test is used as a tool by the doctor to test whether the patient has type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. This test shows how well our body makes insulin, which moves sugar from the blood into the cells. C-Peptide is a byproduct produced when insulin is produced.
  • C-Peptide functions? Although this substance does not affect blood sugar, the doctor may suggest this test to check how well the body is producing insulin.

Why Get Tested?

There are the following reasons to get the C-Peptide test:

  • To find out why you have low blood sugar
  • To find out whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  • To diagnose a tumour of the pancreas that releases insulin
  • If you’ve had your pancreas removed

Is Fasting Required For C-Peptide Test?

Sometimes the patient may be required to fast for up to 12 hours. But, it also depends on the patient’s age and the reason for the test.
The doctor may also ask to stop taking some supplements.
Otherwise, the doctor will provide you with the best instructions depending upon your medical needs.

C-Peptide Test Description

  • UNITS: ng/ml
  • VOLUME: 3ml
  • NORMAL RANGE: 0.81 – 3.85