Cardiac Health Checkup

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Cardiac Health Checkup

About Cardiac Health Checkup

The Cardiac Health Checkup bundles of 69 test parameters grouped under 10 sub-profiles. This profile asses for heart-related health issues. Book the Cardiac Health Checkup on AreYouHealthy at low rate. Avail the test package for the most affordable deal just by filling the alongside form and pressing the SUBMIT button. You will be emailed with the test results within 48-72 hours. For any doubt or query regarding any test or profile on AreYouHealthy just dial on 7289-87-6363. We are available 24X7 to support you.

The 10 sub-profile in the Cardiac Health Checkup package are as follows:

  • CARDIAC RISK MARKERS PROFILE(6) The 6 test parameters of the Cardiac Risk Markers sub-profile examine Cardiovascular Condition. This profile focuses on our heart which due to bad cholesterol often gets affected. This test profile determines the heart condition. Our Heart always stays in a state of high-risk because of factors like smoke, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Cardiac Risk Markers estimates the exact levels of fat due to which many heart-related diseases such as Heart Attack gets triggered. A person can get proper treatment for these health issues with the help of Cardiac Risk Markers test which finds out the actual cause behind the injury. This also assists in bringing our Heart back to normal condition.
  • LIPID PROFILE(8) The Lipid profile has 8 test parameters which measure Cholesterol as well as other fats in our body. This profile has another name as Lipoprotein Profile. The two fats which help in enhancing cell health are Triglycerides and Cholesterol. When Triglycerides and Cholesterol are found inside the blood, it affects our health adversely. The Lipid Profile test even helps in predetermining heart diseases and strokes.
  • DIABETES SCREEN PROFILE(2) The Diabetes sub-profile bundles 2 tests parameters which are ABG (Average Blood Glucose) and HBA (HbA1c). These tests analyse the elevated levels of blood sugar after examining a blood sample. The test even brings forward other Diabetes Mellitus-related conditions. 8-12 hours of fasting helps in the accuracy of the test reports.
  • KIDNEY PROFILE(5) Since our kidneys are the most vital organs in our body, it’s essential to take proper care of them. They do the most important task that is filtering waste substances and excess of water out of our blood. In the whole day, approximately 180 litres of blood get filtered. The Renal (kidney) sub-profile bundles 5 test-parameters. With the help of these test parameters, this test profile gives us all the necessary information related to kidney health.
  • IRON DEFICIENCY PROFILE(3). The Iron Deficiency sub-profile is a blood test which bundles 3 test parameters. It estimates the levels of Transferrin and Iron content of our blood. It even shows the iron binding capacity of the blood cells and many different types of anemia. As a perk, the sub-profile also helps in determining heart-related diseases.
  • THYROID PACKAGE(3). The Thyroid gland is known for producing two most essential hormones. These hormones are Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4). Located in the lower neck region, this small butterfly-shaped gland sometimes gets infected. Because of the infections, it becomes overactive or underactive. Lack of T3 and T4 hormones shows some symptoms like weight gain in the body, lack of energy, depression etc. The Thyroid sub-profile bundles 3 test parameters.
  • LIVER FUNCTION TESTS(11). The Liver sub-profile evaluates various enzymes, bilirubin and minerals of the blood called Parathyroid Function. This sub-profile, with the help of 11 test parameters, helps in estimating the liver products.
  • VITAMIN PROFILE(2). The two test parameters of the Vitamin D sub-profile are Vitamin D Total test and the Vitamin B-12 test. Vitamin D is crucial for our body. It’s essential to maintain an average level of Vitamin D in our body. This test evaluates for any health issue related to bone metabolism or blood mineral deficiency. One should maintain the level of Vitamin B-12 so as to stay healthy. Vitamin B-12 also helps in manufacturing right amount of RBC (red blood cells) which keeps the nervous system of the body functioning.
  • LP-PLA2 PROFILE. The Lp-PLA2 sub-profile helps in detecting the risk of future cardiovascular disease (CVD), which also includes the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) because of coronary arteries blockage and ischemic stroke.
  • COMPLETE HEMOGRAM PROFILE(28). The Complete Hemogram sub-profile evaluates the total count of RBC, WBC, HCT, Basophils, Lymphocytes, Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Monocytes, Hb, MCV, PS, ESR and other blood particles. This sub-profile has 28 test-parameters.

AreYouHealthy provides a wide range of test profiles and packages. To book any of them, you just need to reach the form on this web page and fill it with the details required. Tap the SUBMIT button after filling the form. We will contact you back. We even provide the book on call facility. Pick your phone and dial 7289-87-6363. The home sample collecting executive will visit your registered address in the time slot reserved by you. They will collect the sample for the lab test. Once the sample is collected, pay the fee amount to the sample collector.