Cardiac Risk Panel

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Cardiac Risk Panel

About Cardiac Risk Panel

Cardiac Risk Panel s a preventive health checkup package which is available at AreYouHealthy at low price. This package covers 13 test parameters. You don’t even need to come to the lab to submit the sample, a team of sample collector will visit your place at the selected time slot and will collect the test sample. You can book this profile by visiting our website or by calling us at +917289-87-6363. And you don’t even need to pay in advance; all the payment needs to made at the time of sample collection. After examining the test sample, officials will send you the test results on an email.

List of Sub Profiles Included in Cardiac Risk Panel

  • Cardiac Risk Markers Profile The test that analyses the cardiovascular condition is known as Cardiac Risk Markers Profile. While the heart system has influenced by the abnormal state of bad cholesterol, at that point the heart is considered as a soft heart. The test determines the specific state of the heart. Smoke, hypertension, and cholesterol make a high risk for the heart. The specialists suggest the test to assess hazard factors for the heart. If the patient has endorsed this test, then the person may interface with the diagnosis centre.
  • Lipid Profile. This profile covers 8 test parameters. Lipids are a set of fats and fat-like substances that are essential constituents of cells and sources of energy. A lipid profile estimates the amount of specific lipids in the blood.