COVID-19 Antibody – GT Test

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About COVID-19 Antibody – GT Test

COVID-19 Antibody – GT Test is a particular type of test that is used to identify the changes that occurred because of coronavirus COVID-19. This test determines the antibodies present in our body to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 virus. We at Areyouhealthy in association with Thyrocare now started COVID ANTIBODIES-TOTAL (CLIA) and COVID ANTIBODY IGG – C.M.I.A which is combinely known to be as COVID Antibody- GT Tests. This is the right time to get this test done at a special limited time offer.

What Makes COVID-19 Antibody- GT Test So Important?

COVID Antibody- GT is also referred to as a serological test. This antibody test is based on the samples of blood serum. When a person is exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19), their body starts generating some amount of antibodies because of the virus present in the blood. This test can quickly identify these antibodies that are developed due to COVID-19 viruses and check for past infections.
An antibody is a type of protein that helps our human body to fight against several diseases and infections. When our immunity system is healthy, it produces a specialized protein which keeps yourself safe and healthy.
In general, a B-cell which is also known as B lymphocytes generate antibodies in our body. These antibodies are in Y-shape structures that start binding up over the antigens present in the blood. This helps and removes these antigens to prevent our human body from infections. Once a body develops a right amount of antibody against a specific type of virus, the person can easily resist those viruses again in future. This is how a human immune system works.

How To Get Tested For COVID-19 Antibody – GT?

In order to get tested for COVID Antibody -GT (COVID ANTIBODIES-TOTAL (CLIA) and COVID ANTIBODY IGG), a person needs to fill the booking form along with all the required details. After successfully booking the COVID antibody – GT test, our associated testing expert will come and collect blood samples for serum.

This package contains two significant tests:

  • CMIA (Chemiluminescent Magnetic Microparticle Immunoassay)
  • CLIA (Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer)

Both of these tests are based on antibodies which helps our body to fight against COVID-19 viruses.

Book COVID-19 Antibody- GT Test now for a better and healthy future at a special offer price at Areyouhealthy.

Note: In the above content there may be accuracy errors Please speak to a thyrocare representative after making a booking to get a clear understanding of Test, Availability and local/National government Protocol related to Covid 19 Testing. Terms and Conditions Applicable. After making the booking you will get a Call from Thyrocare. We recommended you to clear any doubts with them.