COVID-19 Antibody Test 2 Tests IGG – C.L.I.A IGG – ELISA

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Price @ 700 /- Only | Non Fasting | Sample Type: Blood

About Thyrocare COVID 19 Antibody Test

COVID-19 is a virus that is caused by SARS COV2 viruses. This virus generally spreads from a person to another with physical interaction. The symptoms can be being sick like fever, having difficulty in breathing and coughing. This symptom might lead up to several days. We at AreYouHealthy in association with Thyrocare now supports COVID Antibody Test which is based on COVID ANTIBODY IGG (CLIA method) & COVID ANTIBODY TOTAL (ELISA method) which is also known to be as COVID 19 Antibody Test is a technique to guide you with impacts of COVID-19 Coronavirus on your body.

Two Tests are Included in COVID 19 Antibody Test


What Does A COVID Antibody IGG Test Means?

COVID Antibody Test is based on COVID ANTIBODY IGG – CLIA technology. This CLIA is a specially designed test which is used to detect immunoglobulins which are also known to be antibodies against the harmful viruses that cause COVID-19. These antibodies are a type of proteins that are generated by the immunity system present in the human body. Our immunity system is responsible for fighting and protecting us from harmful viruses and diseases. Antibodies are found to be in a liquid portion in specimens of blood. This is known to be plasma or serum. This depends upon the presence of the factors of clotting.
With the help of the CLIA test, it can easily detect immunoglobulin antibodies that start generating inside the body of a person that is suffering from COVID-19 for the duration of 10 days. These antibodies remain in the human blood after the infection has passed in it. This test can help an individual about either they have faced or have COVID-19 in the past time or may have developed antibodies that can protect them from infections in future times.

How Does COVID Antibody Test Is Done?

Now with AreYouHealthy, you can easily book a test for COVID-19 virus. A person needs to fill the booking form with all the required details. Our associated health partner will come and take the samples for COVID ANTIBODY  testing. This test is based on blood samples only. There is no requirement of any fasting.

Who Should Get COVID Antibody Test Done?

There can be various reasons that a person requires to get tested with COVID 19 Antibody Test CLIA:

  • You live in a place or travel to a place where COVID-19 is highly spread.
  • You came into contact with a person that is suffering from Coronavirus COVID-19.
  • You have recovered from Coronavirus.
  • Your healthcare expert recommends you to get tested after having symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus causes.

In this Corona pandemic problem, it is necessary to get tested for COVID Antibody Test. This can help you to understand your symptoms so that you can take the precautions at the right time before it starts getting more severe.

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Note: In the above content there may be accuracy errors Please speak to a Thyrocare representative after making a booking to get a clear understanding of Test, Availability and local/National government Protocol related to COVID 19 Antibody Test. Terms and Conditions Applicable. After making the booking you will get a Call from Thyrocare. We recommended you to clear any doubts with them. CLIA, CMIA or ELISA are technology methods to use in this test.