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About COVID Antibodies Total (ELISA) Test

COVID-19 is a harmful infection that is caused by SARS COV2 viruses. This virus is now spreading across the globe like a severe pandemic. That is why it should never be ignored and needs to be prepared for it to safeguard yourself from getting infected by it. This virus gets passed from a person to another with the help of physical interaction or breathing in the viruses from the nose. Some of the significant symptoms to understand the issue of COVID-19 can be like getting a fever, having difficulty in breathing and heavily coughing. There are chances that these symptoms might take a couple of days to arise and stay for a lot of days. We at AreYouHealthy in partnership with Thyrocare now supports COVID Antibodies Total (ELISA) test which is based on ELISA technology which is also known to be an antibody test for COVID-19 Coronavirus.

What Does A COVID Antibodies Total Test Mean For?

COVID Antibodies Total (ELISA) Test is based on E.L.I.S.A. technology which is a specially designed type of test which helps to distinguish immunoglobulins present in the blood. These immunoglobulins are also called antibodies that work against the harmful viruses that cause COVID-19 infection in the body. Our more robust immunity system is capable of fighting and protecting us from malicious viruses and infections. These antibodies that work against a specific virus is also known to be plasma or serum.
With the help of the COVID Antibodies Total (ELISA) Test, it becomes easy to evaluate the amount of immunoglobulin (antibodies) for the COVID-19 Coronavirus being developed inside the body who is suffering or suffered from COVID-19. These antibodies stay inside the human blood after the infection has passed in it. This test can identify an individual about either they have faced or have COVID-19 in the past time or either they have developed Covid-19 antibodies that can provide safeguard to them from infections in future.

How Does The ELISA Coronavirus Antibodies Test Is Done?

At AreYouHealthy, you can easily book a test for COVID-19 virus. You need to fill the test booking form along with all the vital details. After submitting the form, our executive gets in touch with you to fix a test slot as per your convenience. At the time of the fixed slot, our associated health partner will come and take the blood samples for COVID ANTIBODIES TOTAL – ELISA. This test is based on blood serum only. There is also no such requirement of fasting.

Who Should Get COVID Antibody Test ELISA Done?

In this year, it is not vital to get tested for the antibody test to make you aware of the status of your health. There can be various other reasons behind that a person needs to get tested with COVID Antibodies Total Test ELISA:

  1. You already came into contact with a person that is sustaining from Coronavirus COVID-19.
  2. Your medical expert suggests you get tested after having signs of COVID-19 coronavirus circumstances.
  3. You have overcome from COVID-19 Coronavirus
  4. You are living in an area where cases of COVID-19 are highly active.

In this Coronavirus global pandemic problem, it is now necessary to get tested for COVID Antibodies Total Test (ELISA). This test will provide you with assistance to understand signs so that you can take the precautions and work upon it at the right time before it gets more serious.

Book COVID antibodies total (ELISA) now at a special limited period offer at Rs.200 only.