Covid Antibody IgG Quantitative

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Non Fasting | Sample Type: Serum

About COVID Antibody IGG Quantitative

COVID Antibody IGG Quantitative Test is a special type of test that is used to identify the intricacy of COVID-19 coronavirus. This test evaluates the number of antibodies developed in our body to help fight your body against the coronavirus. We at AreYouHealthy in partnership with Thyrocare now started offering COVID Antibody IGG Quantitative Tests. For a limited time period offer, you can avail a special discounted price if you book this test now for you and your family members.

What Does A Covid Antibody Quantitative Test Means?

This coronavirus antibody test is based on COVID ANTIBODY IGG Quantitative CLIA technology. A CLIA based test is a specially composed test which is used to identify the number of immunoglobulins present in the blood based on the quantitative analysis. These antibodies are the one that assists our body in fighting against several harmful infections, even including the global pandemic virus that causes COVID-19 Coronavirus. These COVID antibodies are a type of proteins that are developed by the immune system by learning from the existing viruses that are in contact with our human body. These antibodies are found to be in a fluid destiny in exemplars of the blood. This is also called to be as blood serum or plasma.
If a person undergoes through COVID ANTIBODY Quantitative test, then they can get to know the actual status of their immunity power against the COVID-19 coronavirus. If you have come in contact with the virus earlier or recently, then your immunity system might have developed antibodies to reduce the effects of the virus and infections. If a person has developed the right amount of antibodies against coronavirus, then there can be significantly less probability of that person to get infected by the virus in future.
These COVID-19 antibodies persist in the human blood even subsequently the infection has relinquished in it.

How To Book COVID Antibody IGG Quantitative CLIA Test At Home?

CLIA (Chemiluminescence Enzyme Immunoassays) test technology that is based on blood serum only. That means there is only a blood sample taken at the time of the test sample collection. The booking procedure of COVID ANTIBODY Quantitative test is simple and straightforward. You need to fill the test booking form with all the required details like Name, Contact number, Full address including Zip Code and Email ID.
After submitting the form, you will be contacted by our executive to confirm the details and fix a test slot for COVID ANTIBODY IGG Quantitative Test.