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A CT scan is also known as an advanced computerized tomography scan in which a series of X-rays are taken from different angles all around the body. All these x-rays are processed by a computer to create pictures of blood vessels, bones, tissues inside the human body.
A computerized tomography (CT scan) is mostly used for quick examination of internal injuries or other types of trauma. This is a great scan method to visualize all body parts to diagnose health issues to plan medical, radiation and surgical treatments.

What Is The Price Of CT Scan?

Currently, for Covid-19, there are three categories of HRCT scans available as following:

  1. Plain Per Part @ Rs.2000 only
  2. 3D Per Part @ Rs.4000 only
  3. Angio Per Part @ Rs.6000 only

When Is It Required To Go For A CT Scan?

A doctor may recommend you to go for a C T scan in the case of:

  • Diagnose internal diseases and health conditions like lung nodules, heart problems, cancer and liver masses.
  • In order to monitor the progress of various treatments like cancer.
  • Diagnose the injuries and places of internal bleeding in the body.
  • Determine the exact location of blood clots, infections and tumours.
  • Diagnose bone problems and muscle disorders like fractures and internal muscle damages.

Where Are CT Scan Available Through AreYouHealthy?

AreYouHealthy is actively working on expanding services to make it easy for everyone to book affordable C T Scans at the comfort of their home. Currently, we support C T Scan bookings for Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi & Hyderabad.

Is CT Scan Effective For Covid-19?

Due to the advanced mutation of the Covid-19 virus, it is creating a lot of internal issues to the lungs and other organs in the human body. A CT scan can help your doctor to examine the spread of infection and damage caused by the virus.

How To Book A Low-Cost CT Scan At Home?

Now booking for CT Scan is easy at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is completely fill the booking form and submit the details.
Soon you will be contacted by our associated lab partner regarding booking confirmation and appointment.

Note: In the above content there may be accuracy errors please speak to a Nuclear lab representative after making a booking to get a clear understanding of C T Scan. Terms and Conditions Applicable. After making the booking, you will get a call from Nuclear representative. We recommended you to clear any doubts with them.