Vitamin D 1,25 Dihydroxy Test In Pataudi

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About Vitamin D 1,25 Dihydroxy Test

It is used to detect Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin plays a significant role for strong and healthy bones. Vitamin D is produced by the body when you exposed yourself in the sunlight. Vitamin is important for everyone. It also helps in screening that our body works well, fights bacteria and infection, heal well. Vitamin D is highly suggested by the doctor when the person have an abnormal phosphorus and calcium level.

Sources of Vitamin D:

Endogenous: It is produced by the skin when the skin is exposed to the sun.
Exogenous: It is by taking food and supplements.

The major role of Vitamin D is to regulate blood levels of phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Without vitamin D, the bones will be malformed, soft which results in diseases such as rickets, osteomalacia, etc. Risk of vitamin D deficiency includes to those people who are obese, have darker skin or people who take medication for an extended period. High level of vitamin D and calcium can cause calcification.

Rich sources of vitamin D are:

Fatty fish (tuna, salmon).
Beef liver.
Egg yolks.
Fortified food with vitamin D such as orange juice, cereals, dairy products.

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency:

Getting sick and infected often.
Fatigue and tiredness.
Bone and back pain.
Hair loss
Muscle pain.

Now it is easy for you to take a Vitamin D 1,25 dihydroxy test at home. We provide home sample services as well. To book an appointment for this test call us on +917289-87-6363. You can make online booking also by filling on page booking form. Our agent will call you to know the convenient date and time for you. Pay the payment once the sample collection is done. The test result will send it to you by email. Or you can ask for hard copies. For hard copies, you have to pay Rs 75/- extra for postal charges.

Vit-D 1,25 Test Description
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