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Details of DSA Healthscreen A Profile

DSA Healthscreen A health checkup package is available now at the lowest price. This health checkup package is for Rs. 1049 only. DSA healthscreen A health checkup is provided by Thyrocare. In this package, there are 10 profiles and offers 72 test parameters. You need to do 10-12 hours of fasting before you proceed for this test.

1st profile is Iron deficiency. This profile contains 3 tests. These tests are %Transferrin Saturation, Iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity(TIBC). This profile test is all about to measure the quantity of iron you have in your body. Due to iron, our body is able to take oxygen.

2nd profile is Liver profile. This test will track your liver function or check its ability to work by taking some blood sample. This profile includes 11 test parameters. These tests are Protein-total, Albumin-serum, Bilirubin-total, etc.

3rd profile is Complete Hemogram. This profile is to check whether your body has enough blood cells to function well. There are 28 test parameters in this profile. Some of these tests are Hemoglobin, Basophils, Eosinophils, Monocytes, Neutrophils, etc.

4th profile is Diabetes profile. This profile is to screening your blood sugar level. It is also used to diagnose Diabetes mellitus. It includes 2 test parameters. 1st test is Average blood glucose(ABG), and another is HbA1c test.

Next profile is Pancreatic profile. It also includes 2 test parameters. These tests are Amylase and Lipase. These tests are used to diagnose diseases of pancreas. Amylase helps our body to break down starches, and lipase helps in digesting fats. Inflammation of pancreas causes a high level of amylase and lipase in your blood. Due to which it causes acute pancreatitis.

6th profile is Renal profile. It is also known as Kidney panel/Kidney profile. It includes 5 test parameters. Some of these tests are Calcium.
Uric Acid.
Blood Urea Nitrogen etc.
This profile is used to determine the health and functions of kidneys.

7th profile is Toxic elements. This profile test is to measures the level of these toxic elements. It includes 9 test parameters. Some of these tests are :
Lead etc.

8th profile is Lipid profile. It includes 8 test parameters. This test is to measure fats and cholesterol level of your body. This profile helps to know about any heart disease and stroke. Some of the tests are VLDL Cholesterol, LDL/HDL Ratio, Total Cholesterol, etc.

9th profile is Cardiac risk markers. It includes only 1 test parameter, i.e. Homocysteine. This test evaluates the probability of having a heart stroke and heart attack.

Last profile is Thyroid profile. 3 test parameters are there in this profile. These tests are Total-triiodothyronine, Total-thyroxine, Thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH). These profile tests measure the working of thyroid gland.

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