Extended Immunity Profile

At Rs. 5000 Only

Due to our hectic lifestyle and unhealthy food consumption, we are facing a lot of health problems. This may become a significant disease later on. Our immunity system plays a vital role to protect ourselves from harmful substances and germs. This is made up of several cells, organs and proteins. As long as our immunity system is working smoothly, we don’t notice that much about it. But if there is a problem that arises later, because our immunity system is low we will not be able to fight with harmful viruses, and thus we feel unhealthy and can lead up to significant disease. That’s why with associated partners, Areyouhealthy is offering an Extended Immunity Profile test.

This test will help you to stay fit and healthy by fighting all harmful viruses and substances entering your body. Especially under the current scenario, it is vital that every individual should get this test done. Book it now at a special price of Rs. 5000 Only (limited Period Offer).

How To Know The Status Of Our Immunity System?

You might be doing regular exercises and eating healthy food to stay fit and healthy. But to know the actual status of your vital organs and the immunity system, you need to have an extended immunity profile test done. This test includes 108 tests that are distributed under 21 sub-profiles. Some of the significant profiles it consists of are Immunoglobulin (M, G, A), HIV, Cardiac Risk Markers, Liver Profile, Lipid Profile, Hepatitis B and many more.

Types Of Immunity System In The Human Body?

Generally, there are two types of immunity system present in the human body:

  • Innate Immune System:

This provides a general safeguard against harmful substances and viruses entering through our skin or digestive system. That’s why it is also known to be the nonspecific immune system. It mostly fights with the help of immune cells which are the natural killer cells and phagocytes.

  • Adaptive Immune System

As the name suggests, this immune system makes an antibody and uses them to fight against the viruses that our body has already contacted. This is also termed to be an acquired immune system because of its learning ability. With the help of this, our body can easily fight against viruses and bacteria that change over time to time.

Frequently Asked Question On Extended Immunity Profile Tests

Que. Does Extended Immunity Profile Requires Fasting?

Ans. Yes! Immunity test requires fasting for the duration of 10 to 12 hours.

Que. Does The Immunity System Help Fighting Covid-19 Coronavirus?

Ans. Yes! If we keep up with a good immunity system, we can safeguard ourselves in many cases from various viruses and diseases as well.

Que. Can I Get The Test Reports In Hard Copy?

Ans. Yes! We usually send the test reports over the e-mail address provided at the time of the test booking. You can also opt for the option to have a hard copy of the reports delivered to you at just Rs.75 for courier charges.

Que. Is The Home Sample Collection Service Free?

Ans. The home sample collection service is absolutely free* (subject to availability in selected cities).

If you still have any doubts regarding extended immunity profile test booking, you can reach us at +917289876363.