Fever Plus Profile By Thyrocare

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Overview Of Thyrocare Fever Plus Profile

AreYouHealthy is offering Fever Plus Profile at low rate. Fever plus profile by Thyrocare covers 36 test parameters. After you book the test, then it will look forward by Thyrocare experts. To get more information about Fever Plus Profile, please feel free to call us on +917289876363.

These are the sub-profiles included in Fever Plus Profile

  • Malarial Antigen Test. What is malaria? Malaria is an infectious disease. It is caused by Plasmodium parasites. There are 5 different types of Plasmodium that affect the human body. When an individual is bitten with the infectious mosquito, it travels to the liver. Malaria symptoms:- Malaria generally presents as a flu-like illness with fevers, chills, sweats, headaches, aches and malaise.
  • Typhoid Test. Typhoid fever is an acute illness linked with fever caused by Salmonella. Typhoid is a bacterial infection that can lead to high fever, diarrhoea, and vomiting. It can be disastrous. It can also be transferred by carriers who do not know they carry the bacteria. If it caught early, then it can be successfully treated with medicines. Globally speaking, around 21.5 million people a year contract typhoid. Symptoms of typhoid may include lethargy, weakness, constipation, poor appetite, fever as high as 104-degree Fahrenheit. Antibiotics help in typhoid treatment which kills the Salmonella bacteria. Typhoid vaccine can help prevent typhoid. There are two vaccines to prevent typhoid. One is an inactivated vaccine given as a shot. Other is a live, attenuated vaccine which is taken orally.
  • Dengue IgG and Dengue IgM. Dengue fever is a viral fever that transmits from mosquitoes that carry the dangerous virus. Aedes mosquitos cause it. Blood testing detects the antibodies produced in the body. Dengue is a fast-moving infectious disease, according to the WHO, with an increasing number of affected cases and countries. Symptoms will come 10 to 14 days after the infection. This may include sudden high fever, vomiting, pain behind the eyes, severe joint and muscle pain, mild bleeding, etc. We still don’t have any vaccine to prevent dengue infection.
  • Chikungunya IgM Test. Chikungunya is a virus caused by a mosquito. It can’t be transferred from person to person. This virus is reported across 60 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Symptoms of chikungunya come 3 to 7 days after the infection. They typically may include high fever, joint pain, nausea. There is no real treatment for chikungunya.
  • Leptospira IgM. Leptospirosis is a rare bacterial infection. It comes from animals. It spread from animal urine, especially from dogs, and farm animals. Animals act as a carrier. It hardly lasts for more than a week. If someone is around soil or water, it can invade in the body through breaks in the skin. In case this disease hits someone, it hits fast. He or she will get a fever. Other symptoms may include skin rash, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.
  • Complete Hemogram. A complete hemogram test is done to measure the levels of elements present in the blood. This profile covers 28 test parameters. Sometimes the doctor may order this test as a part of the regular checkup. The doctor may also suggest this test to a pregnant woman or to a person who has a family history of anaemia.