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Full Body Check Up 133

Full Body Check Up 133 is a preventive health checkup package which bundles 133 test parameters. This extensive health checkup package proves to be cost-effective as the list of tests parameters included in it costs a high amount of sum when taken individually. AreYouHealthy offers the package of 133 test parameters at low rate. No need of making any upfront payment for booking Full Body Check Up 133 package. All the payments need to be made to the visiting sample collector at your doorstep. To book the test just fill all the required details in the alongside form and tap the SUBMIT button. The sample collection team will visit you in the reserved time slot. We even provide the book on call facility. Call us on 7289-87-6363 24X7 to book any profile or test on call.

Concerned about Full Body Check Up 133 offers and review?

We always focus on bringing best offers for you with least pain to your pocket. We regularly revise our costs with different offers and discounts. Stay tuned to us and keep visiting AreYouHealthy. Some of the sub-profiles in the package are as follows:

  • THYROID PROFILE(3) The Thyroid sub-profile in the Full Body Check Up 133 packages consists of 3 test parameters. Triiodothyronine and Thyroxine are two of the essential hormones generated by the Thyroid Gland. This gland is a small butterfly-shaped gland. It is located in the lower neck portion. Lack of Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4) hormones lead to symptoms like energy deficiency, dizziness, sleeping difficulties, weight gain etc. The Thyroid profile examines the functioning of the thyroid gland whether it is overactive or underactive.
  • IRON DEFICIENCY PROFILE(3) The Iron Deficiency sub-profile in the Full Body Check Up 133 helps in estimating the levels of Iron content and Transferrin in the blood. The blood cells must have a good iron binding capacity. It needs legitimate checking which is done by the Iron Deficiency profile. It even aides in assessing heart-related problems.
  • LIVER PROFILE(11) The Liver sub-profile of the Full Body Check Up 133 package consists of 11 test parameters. This sub-profile analyses liver health. The various liver enzymes, bilirubin content in the blood and distinctive proteins need to be in maintained levels. This profile determines these liver products for their levels.
  • KIDNEY PROFILE(5) The Kidney (Renal) sub-profile has 5 test parameters. The human body has two kidneys which do the most important job that is to filter the waste and excess of water from the blood. In the entire day, the kidney filters approximately 180 litres of blood. All the important information regarding kidney health can be collected with the help of this profile.
  • LIPID PROFILE(8) Full Body Check Up 133 covers a large number of test parameters. 8 test parameters covered under Lipid sub-profile helps in measuring the levels of cholesterol and other bad fats of the body. The Lipoprotein profile is another famous name of the Lipid profile. Certain fats inside the body help to enhance cell health. Those fats are Triglycerides and Cholesterol. Our blood must not have these fats grown in it. When these grow inside the blood, the health an unfair impact. This sub-profile helps in foreseeing heart sicknesses and strokes.
  • CARDIAC RISK MARKERS(6) The Cardiac Risk Markers having 6 test parameters is a sub-profile which helps in indicating a person’s chance of having a cardiovascular event like a stroke or heart attack. Its result let us know whether the risk is high, medium or low. Perhaps a person’s personal health history is the most important indicators for cardiac risk.
  • DIABETIC SCREEN PROFILE(5) The Diabetic Screen sub-profile has 5 test parameters. It helps in determining whether the blood glucose level of the body is within a healthy range. Apart from this, the Diabetic Screen profile screen for and diagnose diabetes or prediabetes condition and even it monitors for hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) hypoglycemia (low blood glucose).
  • COMPLETE HEMOGRAM PROFILE(28) The Complete Hemogram sub-profile has 28 test parameters which require a sample of blood to perform the test upon. It determines the total count of blood particles like The Complete Hemogram sub-profile requires a blood test to examine upon. This sub-profile has 28 test parameters which determine the total count of blood particles like WBC, Eosinophils, Monocytes, Basophils, RBC Count, HCT, Lymphocytes, Neutrophils, Hb, MCV, PS, ESR and others.
  • VITAMIN D PROFILE(3) Vitamin D is an essential element in our body. It’s important to keep track of the Vitamin D. The 25-OH Vitamin D test (25-hydroxy) determines the exact amount of Vitamin D in the body and informs about the lack or increase in its level.
  • ELECTROLYTES PROFILE(3) In our body, electrolytes like Sodium, Potassium, chloride and bicarbonate our found. These electrolytes are meant to pass on the electrical impulse in the body. The Electrolytes sub-profile in the Full Body Check Up 133 groups 3 test parameters. It recognises the electrolytic difference from the norm in the body. Besides this, the electrolytic profile moreover measures the acid-base imbalance in the body.
  • PANCREAS PROFILE(2) The Pancreas sub-profile in the Full Body Check Up 133 profile screens pancreas health. The 2 test parameters of this sub-profile help us to find the presence of any pancreas-related health problem. The increasing levels of lipase and amylase are hazardous and result in pancreatic damage.
  • ARTHRITIS PROFILE(2) Arthritis sub-profile has 2 test parameters are-ANA and ACCP. These tests are usually utilised in grown-ups in the workup of SLE and fiery joint pain. An ANA test is commonly used to analyse immune system functioning. While in the event of a finding of SLE is considered, this test is usually standard for both children and adults as well.
  • SERUM FERRITIN PROFILE Ferritin is a protein that contains iron and is the fundamental sort of iron stored inside the cells. The little proportion of ferritin that is released and courses in the blood is an impression of the total iron contained in the body. This test determines the total amount of ferritin in the blood. Iron is crucial for the development of Red Blood Cells. The body can’t convey iron and ought to acclimatize it from the sustenance we eat or from improvements.
  • TESTOSTERONE PROFILE . This is a sex hormone. This Hormone is primarily responsible for the masculine characters of the individual and also makes and impact on the physical appearance. Having said that Testosterone is also present in other gender.
  • FAT SOLUBLE VITAMINS PROFILE(3) The Fat-Soluble Vitamins sub-profile has 3 test parameters. 
  • VITAMIN B COMPLEX PROFILE(8) Vitamin B Complex sub-profile has 8 test parameters. It is done to detect if there is any lack of Vitamin B. Vitamin B primarily consists of a variety of water-soluble vitamins. Their deficiency leads to a wide array of abnormality in the body. Deficiency in Vitamin B can result in beriberi related to cardiovascular failures or dry beriberi related to symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. This profile helps in finding out every sort of Vitamin B deficiencies and hence, to carry out the appropriate treatment.
  • URINOGRAM PROFILE(10) The Urinogram sub-profile consists of 10 test parameters. It analyses various parameters that may have significant impact on individuals health if the values are not in the correct range. This is also known as Urine Test.
  • MICROALBUMINURIA PROFILE The Microalbuminuria profile is a urine test that analyses the amount of albumin in urine. Albumin is a protein that the body utilises for cell growth as well as to help repair tissues. It’s usually present in the blood. A certain level of it in the urine may be pointing towards the kidney damage.
  • LP-PLA2 PROFILE The Lp-PLA2 profile helps in determining the risk of forthcoming cardiovascular disease (CVD), including the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) and ischemic stroke.
  • TOXIC ELEMENTS(22) We are sustaining in an environment which is full for pollution, dirt and breathing in the air full of hazardous and toxic particles. Our diet consists of contaminated food and beverages. Our body contains a wide variety of harmful elements which get discharged through urinary excretion. The Toxic Elements profile containing 22 test parameters is a toxic exposure test. It analyses the entire body for the lead and mercury like common toxins as well as a new technology toxin called niobium.

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