Full Body Check Up 65 Parameters

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About Full Body Checkup 65 Parameters.

  • Liver Profile(11 Test Parameters). This is the first sub-profile that comes under  this profile is suggested in many conditions like to measure various enzymes, proteins, substances. It also includes total protein, albumin, enzymes that are found in the liver, etc. A patient’s doctor may recommend this test as a part of the regular checkup. Does the liver profile test require fasting? Yes, 10-12 hours before the test. Liver profile includes 11 test parameters.
  • Thyroid Profile(3 Test Parameters). This profile is recommended when the doctor is concerned about the thyroid hormone levels. In this condition, T4 or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone tests are performed. Tests included in this profile are:- Total Triiodothyronine(T3), Total Thyroxine(T4), Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH). Hypothyroidism- this is a condition when the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. This could cause severe problems like high cholesterol and heart trouble. Hyperthyroidism:- this is a condition when a thyroid gland produces too many hormones.
  • Kidney Profile(5 Test Parameters). This is the third subprofile. The kidney plays many roles in maintaining our health. And the main job is to filter out waste materials from the blood. Kidney function test allows a doctor to check kidney function.
  • Lipid Profile(8 Test Parameters) is performed to measure total cholesterol level, HDL cholesterol, etc. This profile covers 8 test parameters.
  • Cardiac Risk Markers Profile(5 Test Parameters). This test delves into the cardiovascular condition of a person. This test looks for some enzymes that may indicate the risk of developing a heart disease such as heart attack or stroke. Smoking, high blood pressure, and cholesterol produce high risk for the heart. This test determines the health of the heart. An expert from the lab will take the blood sample and examine the lipid level.
  • Iron Deficiency Profile(3 Test Parameters). An iron profile is composed of a set of lab tests that evaluates the level of iron in the blood. This test also evaluates the iron binding capacity of cells. Iron deficiency may develop when the body can’t produce enough red blood cells. Lack of iron causes dizziness, lightheadedness. Some other symptoms may include:- brittle nails, hair loss, headache.
  • Diabetic Screen Profile(2 Test Parameters). Diabetes is a disorder that arise when the blood glucose or also known as blood sugar is high or less. Blood glucose is the basic source of energy, and it comes from the food we eat. Over time, having too much of blood sugar is dangerous for healthy living. The most trivial types of diabetes are type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes may include: fatigue, increased hunger, increased thirst.
  • Complete Hemogram Profile(28 Test Parameters). A complete hemogram test is done to measure the level of various things found in blood like WBC, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Basophils. A complete hemogram test is also done to check anaemia, blood condition, to check how treatment is going and various other things. When the patient receives his or her reports, there are two columns, one is of the reference value, and another one is of the individuals result. So the patient or the doctor can easily cross-check with the standard values.