Full Body Checkup: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectations vs Reality For Full Body Checkup By Areyouhealthy

It’s not always necessary that what we get in Reality is actually what we had Expectations of. Full Body Checkup might also have the test list which could be different from what you would have thought of.

What Is Full Body Check-ups?

A disease might knock at your door without any invitation at any point of time irrespective of your age group or location. Why should not you be prepared for it? And the best way to know about it and be prepared for is through preventive health checkup. Preventive health checkup will not only let you know about your disease at an early stage but also you will be able to find a permanent cure for it at a lower or least cost and less pain for both your body as well as pocket.

Full Body Checkup is a significant part of Preventive health checkup. It consists of testing and evaluating the whole body systems. There are some gender-based tests like women go for uterine and breast cancer tests, whereas testing for prostate cancer is reserved only for men.

What Is A Full Health Screening?

It is seen in most of the families that some diseases are inherited generation to generation. And in that case, it is recommended that an individual should go for full health screening which will let them be aware of the forthcoming disease before they develop symptoms. Say, for example, Cardiac Attacks and Tumors.

Benefits Of Full Body Checkup

There are many benefits of Full Body Checkups. Every one of us wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Full Body Checkup, by examining your entire body which includes tests for all major organ systems. This will help you to assess your health and framing a healthy lifestyle. Your right decision for a right health checkup, i.e., Full Body Checkup can result in you a long and healthy life.

Here is a list of some General Tests in Full Body Checkup:

  • Complete Urine Analysis.
  • Stool Test(optional).
  • ECG (Resting).
  • X-Ray Chest.
  • Ultra-sonogram of the abdomen (Screening only).
  • Pap Smear (for women).
  • Clinical examination.
  • Medical summary and advice by a Senior Consultant Physician.
  • Surgical Consultation for men.
  • Gynec Consultation for women.

Full Body Checkup-Expectations:

Most of us have many misconceptions about the term Full Body Checkup. Some of us think that it is too costly. It has a huge list of unnecessary tests. It can include tests like TMT (Treadmill Test) or HIV test as well. Why go for any test when you are absolutely fit? You might also think that it will engage your precious time as you will have to visit many labs when you could do some more important things. Certain age groups have misconceptions that diseases will only attack them after 40. But these are mere myths.

Full Body Checkup-Reality:

It is indeed said that “Prevention is better than Cure.” and so is with Full Body Checkup. Clearing all your misconceptions and doubts related to Full Body Checkup, first of all, I must say that If you haven’t gone for a Full Body Checkup yet, get a quote for you while going through this article. Now, coming to the cost of Full Body Checkup, it is never costlier than going for the treatment for any disease which you could have prevented with the help of Full Body Checkup before it actually developed its symptoms. None of the tests listed in Full Body Checkup is unnecessary. Some of them are optional, which may be included or excluded depending on your choice. Tests like TMT (Treadmill Test) and HIV test are done only on the recommendation of a Doctor.

As it is said earlier, you won’t be getting any invitation before getting knocked by disease at your door, so it’s better to call a Test Sample Collector at your doorstep. When it comes to be concerned about your precious time, you are not going to waste it by visiting various labs for Full Body Checkup as the Sample Collector is just waiting for your single call and there will be a hygiene maintained team with a sealed sample collecting kit knocking at your door in between your provided time slot. All the reports after the examinations will be mailed to you both in the form of electronic as well as a hard copy. In this era, no disease is age-related. Because of the over-polluted environment and contaminated foods and edibles, you can be infected by it at any stage of life irrespective of your age.

For Offers And Details Regarding Full Body Checkup In India Dial +917289-87-6363.

अगर आपको भारत में कहीं भी फुल बॉडी चेकअप कराना है तो आप हमारे फोन नंबर पर कॉल कर सकते हैं. हमारे पास कई प्रकार के प्रीवेंटिव हेल्थ चेकअप पैकेज अथवा फुल बॉडी चैकअप पैकेजेस हैं. टेस्ट प्रमाणित लैबोरेट्रीज में किया जाता है. हमारे रिप्रेजेंटेटिव आपके घर पर आकर ब्लड सैंपल कलेक्ट करेंगे. टेस्टिंग के बाद रिपोर्ट आपके ईमेल पर भेज दी जाएगी. अगर आप चाहें तो पेपर report के लिए भी रिक्वेस्ट कर सकते हैं. आपको जानकर खुशी होगी कि यह आपको इनकम टैक्स में भी मदद कर सकते हैं. क्योंकि लैबोरेट्री एनएबीएल और CAP certified जिसकी वजह से यह आपके लिए कई मायनों में लाभदायक है.

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