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Areyouhealthy is considered as one of the best health checkup packages provider in Uttar Pradesh who care about your satisfaction even more than anything. In other words, We are partners of ISO 9001, NABL certified laboratories that provides the best solution for each and every of your health issues. Either Consulting for Diabetes, Arthritis, Anemia, Lipid Profile, Liver Function or any other type of checkup can effectively help you to stay away from potential risks. We offer Full Body Checkup in Ghaziabad at affordable Cost.

An unhealthy person cannot able to lead a happy life and can’t concentrate on work. The lack of physical activities and the rising trend of alcohol, junk food, and tobacco consumption and have led to a different type of diseases known as “lifestyle disorders”. A person may not be able to quickly notice these conditions unless, the symptoms start to appear, but with the help of full-body health check, one may prevent them from advancing.

Full body diagnosis and regular checkup can be considered as a tool to keep updated about your health status. They not only allow you to obtain various parameters that define your health but also allows you to take precautions and measures even before the condition becomes severe. That’s why it is advised to consider going for health checkups from time to time.

Benefits Of Full Body Checkup in Ghaziabad

  • Reduction of healthcare costs

No one wants to spend their hard work earned money on the enormous hospital bills. However, change in eating habits, lifestyle and polluted environment have made all of us susceptible to develop a wide array of health problems and severe conditions. If these conditions are not timely detected and treated, it may become a more critical issue and thus makes it hard to treat them and the patient may have to pay huge hospital bills for the treatment of disease. Therefore, it is crucial that an individual must undergo through a complete body checkup regularly to keep an eye on their health status and take necessary and preventive measures before the condition gets worse.

  • Early detection of diseases

Regular full body checkup helps the medical practitioners to detect and diagnose a disease before it turns into a severe condition. The screenings during the tests are based on an individual’s age, medical history and daily lifestyle choices. The regular health tests enable the doctors to understand the patient’s updated health status and detect potential risks within the period of time. Based on test reports, the doctors are able to identify the underlying condition and prescribe the right medicines to alleviate the symptoms.

  • Timely detection of occupational diseases

People working in polluted environmental conditions where they have to be in contact with elements that are very toxic and may become susceptible to developing severe health problems. For example, people working in coal mines are vulnerable to develop respiratory diseases and conditions such as silicosis which arises due to inhalation of dust particles and other harmful substances present in the air. In such cases, a regular health checkup allows timely detection of an occupational disease before it progresses into a life-threatening condition.

  • Stay well-informed of your health status

The change in lifestyle pattern and eating habits has led to an onset of diseases such as thyroid problems, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, obesity and more. These conditions not only impact the physical health of a person but also affect mental health. Undergoing regular full body preventive health checkups ensures that a person is well aware of his/her current health status which not only offers a sense of confidence but allows them to keep track of their eating habits.

  • Diagnosis of genetic predispositions

Certain conditions and diseases are not caused due to environmental factors or lifestyle changes; they simply travel through genes in various progenies; such diseases are known as genetic disorders or diseases. Conditions such as thyroid problems, cancer and diabetes may sometimes develop due to a patient’s genetic predisposition towards them. In such cases, taking timely preventive measures becomes more important. Undergoing regular complete body checkup allows people to stay abreast of their health and prevent the genetic condition from becoming lethal.

  • Helps maintain a better lifestyle

A complete body checkup helps peoples to understand the changes they need to inculcate in their life to improve their health condition. The comprehensive report generated by a whole-body health checkup helps the people to understand what all things should be avoided or included in the diet.

To book a checkup you can contact us at +(91) 7289876363; Also For our repeating customers, we give an exclusive discount on regular health checkups. 

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