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About Full Body Checkup in Ahmedabad

Areyouhealthy belongs among the list of the topmost trusted health checkup packages provider in the country, and it has already become successful in helping thousands of people to get rid of several types of diseases. We are associated with ISO 9001, NABL certified diagnosis labs that have always played a pivotal role to make people aware of the advantages of a full-body health checkup. There are many reasons why a person should always make a wise decision of going for a Full Body Checkup in Ahmedabad up at least once a month despite not having any kinds of disease or any health problems. 

We also provide packages like General Health Checkup, Senior Citizen Checkup, Preventive Health Checkup and many more which can help you to effectively recognize, measure and limit the various factors of life ailments and endless sicknesses. The body checkup may appear to be a standard procedure. It could unquestionably be ignored in the light of furious and occupied program, way of life problem and persistent diseases come unannounced and often with no obvious symptoms and additionally manifestations.

Health Checkup can help identify hazardous factors and early shreds of evidence of ailments through a series of far-reaching and facilitated checkup tests, including blood test and imaging, examines, custom-fitted to every individual’s wellbeing condition and fitness level with persistent sicknesses that can be known entirely incorporate Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Stress, Colon malignant growth, High Cholesterol, Prostate disease, Heart Diseases, kidney issues. Early diagnosis and classification of these diseases can enable you to remain arranged to keep away from any wellbeing inconveniences and improve the course of a current sickness with appropriate determination and treatment.

A statement by the World Health Organization reveals that:

  • The renal issue prompted 2.9% of all passings in India somewhere in the range of 2010 and 2013.
  • The liver issue prompted 2.95% of complete passings in India due in 2017.
  • Diabetes prompted 3.3% of all passings in India in 2015.
  • Over 42 million Indians experience the ill effects of thyroid infections.

We usually don’t go to the doctors because of time and financial problems and think not to consider the cost implications of harmful diseases. Many serious medical problems can be diagnosed during regular medical checkups, and then it can be treated at a much lower cost than leaving a condition undiagnosed until it becomes more serious and then costs a fortune to treat. 

So it’s better to take regular fitness tests from time to time. To book a checkup, contact us at +(91) 728 9876 363, and for our regular customers, we provide an exclusive discount on full body checkups.

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Lab Thyrocare. NABL Accredited.
Rate Rs 1700 – Special Price Rs 1299
59 Tests. Iron, Lipid, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, CBC, Diabetes, Hormone & Vitamins.

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