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About Full Body Checkup In Delhi

Areyouhealthy is associated partner of ISO 9001 and NABL Certified laboratories which provides you with Full Body Checkup in Delhi. This city is a home of various harmful diseases because of heavy polluted environment and other major factors that directly affect over the health of human being as vital as they are to be beneficial to your general health check and well-being. All you have to do is to book a checkup appointment regularly once every few months and if any possible health issues found that can be detected and treated accordingly. All the tests are available at an affordable price and based on blood samples only, and we also offer home sample collection service.

Some Of The Benefits Of Health Checks Are:

  • Prevention  

“Prevention is better than cure”. Regular medical checkups can diagnose potentially dangerous problems in the early stages before they convert into a serious medical issue. And at the same point of time, we can also get a good status report of our overall health and be ready for some of the potential sign and warning signs that we should watch out for it and make it better towards fit and healthy.

  • Stress-Related Problems 

Nowadays, most of the medical cases are somehow related to our stress levels. Increase in stress levels can cause many severe mental and physical problems as well like weight problems, high blood pressure and hypertension, mental disorders, heart disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and asthma. Regular medical checkups can diagnose these problems before they become more severe and helps you to manage and combat stress-related illnesses effectively.

  • Blood Test 

A blood test is to eliminate the threat of many blood-related diseases and conditions that are usually manifested in the bloodstream like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, coronary heart disease, Cholesterol, cancer, HIV/AIDS, anaemia, and many more. A blood test can also help you to evaluate how well are your organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart and thyroid are working.

  • Spend Little Now, Save Lot Later 

We usually don’t go to the doctors because of time and financial pressures and didn’t consider the cost implications of serious health problems. Many severe medical conditions can be detected during regular medical checkups and then cured and managed at a much lower cost rather than leaving it as undiagnosed until it becomes more severe and then costs a lot to treat.

So, all-in-all, regular body checkups make sense, not only for health but also with a financial point of view as well. Make a schedule of getting a full body checkup report at least twice a year. It is easy to save up a little money each month to cover any test costs rather than paying a lot in hospitals and thus ensuring that nothing serious will surprise you in the future.

Most Popular Packages In Your City
General Health Checkup 63 areyouhealthy

General Health Checkup B

Lab Thyrocare. NABL Accredited.
Rate Rs 1700 – Special Price Rs 1299
59 Tests. Iron, Lipid, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, CBC, Diabetes, Hormone & Vitamins.

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