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About Full Body Checkup in Lucknow

Areyouhealthy has always been in the list of best health checkup packages provider in India, and it is associated with ISO 9001, NABL certified diagnosis laboratories which are claimed to have the best laboratory and automation system.  Many reasons justify that why a person should always make a significant decision of going for a Full Body Checkup in Lucknow up at least once a month despite not having any kinds of disease or any health problems.

We are rapidly increasing the number of services across the country that will be beneficial for the people who are having health issues. Staying up-to-date about the health condition by taking a regular body checkup is necessary according to today’s lifestyle. Regular checkups are an essential part of a prevention routine, and this can help people to keep on track with their health goals.

The motto of a body check is to help find, prevent or lessen the effect of the disease. It’s like a car getting serviced before it breaks down; after all, it’s often better to do regular checkups and diagnose the potential risks and problems earlier rather than later. Health checks can provide health care experts with an opportunity to look at a person’s medical history, lifestyle and family history to find out if they’re at risk of any preventable health conditions.

Advantage Of Full Body Checkup

Having regular health checkup has many advantages. Health checks help a person understand their health concerns, values, needs and also help to identify some potential risk factors where they need to make improvements. It may also make them feel likely more comfortable talking openly with their health care doctor and may give them the confidence to make decisions about their health.

Here are some reasons why regular health checks are so important:

Healthcare Cost

An individual might feel that regular health checkups can cost you more money. However, when you understand the bigger picture in perspective, you can understand how these small regular checkups can help you save a huge cost. Regular health checkups let you understand your health and provide you with a complete report of your health if any disease found it will help your doctor to provide the right treatment to cure the disease at that stage quickly. Diagnosing it at an initial stage, and getting on the matter, or finding out after several months or years later when the medical risk and cost become higher? Note that this can be dangerous for your health and your financial stability as you can’t be able to work when you are in treatment.


We must understand the fact that many critical diseases can be avoided if they’re caught early. Full health checkup will ensure that abnormalities in the body systems and organs are picked early, and as a result, appropriate medical care can be given. Timely medical intervention helps in the better and effective management of diseases. Only with time to time healthcare checkups, your doctor will be able to choose the right way to diagnose any kind of health issues at an initial stage. In addition to this, these regular medical checkups include multiple numbers of tests that are based on blood samples, which makes sure that you are on the right track. This way, your doctor will able to catch any potential risk and help you in staying healthy and clear you off from several diseases.

Blood Test

It is highly important to get yourself for a blood test every few months because it helps to eliminate the risk of various health problems. These are mostly the diseases that are associated with your blood, which can maybe include but are not limited to diabetes, high cholesterol, anaemia, Arthritis, Liver, HIV, AIDS, and other diseases. Regular fitness checkups can help you keep an eye on these diseases, as they can detect on even the smallest bit of change. In addition to this, a blood test can help evaluate whether your organs are working properly. These include the functions of your heart, liver, kidney and thyroid.


It is hidden that we live in a stressful and busy environment where we are stressed about our life, work and our relationships. Basically, many people are stressed out about everything, and this is why it is important that we keep ourselves in regular checkup. The only trail to do so is by taking time to time healthcare checkups. This will allow you to get clear of any stress-related problems, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, etc.


The only way by which you can stay aware of what is going with your life is by preparing yourself more aware of your health. Our health checkup packages can help run tests that will not only help you to keep your life on the trail but also offers you to be in peace of mind regarding your health concerns. However, most people are able to keep up with a great prevention system that helps them stay away and clear of the diseases that run in their family history.

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