Full body checkup helps you to make your body fit by identifying various health problems and many diseases. It can check your body entirely for medical issues and notifies you about future medical problems. It also helps to avoid high medical bills. Your age, health condition, family history, lifestyle choices and other relevant factors like alcohol, smoking & diet impacts on how often you should go for a medical checkup. The complete health check-up may help in early detection of many severe health issues. It also encourages you in adopting a healthy & active lifestyle. Our health is often the most ignored aspect of our busy lives. We live under the happy illusion of a healthy self. But sudden onset of illness seldom leaves us with the unusual choices. We are indeed as good as our health. Good health can be ensured with some precautionary steps.

The Normal Full Body Checkup

Getting regular health and body checkups is not a tough task in today’s worlds as a significant number of diagnostic centers are available in the country. Areyouhealthy.in provides you full body checkup services all across India with home sample collection facility. This┬ábody checkup includes:

– Total Body Fat Percentage
– Heart Status check up
Vitamin Check
– Abdominal Check
Thyroid Profile checkup
– Kidney Function screening
Liver Function Tests
– Diabetes Marker test
– Hepatitis B check
– CT Calcium Score
– Fitness Markers test
– Lung Function test
– Eye Checkup
– Prostate-Specific Antigen check
– Screening of Neck Vessels check
– Bone Mineral Densitometry Test
– Sono-mammography / Mammography check
– Infection Markers

With the help of these tests, one can quickly determine their health status. Also if there is an imbalance in their reports, it can be cured most of the times easily. A full body checkup is also recommended to be taken only from a reputable healthcare website like Areyouhealthy.in. Experts take samples from people from their home. It provides them with a great comfort. These tests are designed to indicate how each part of the body is functioning and how existing disease can be prevented.

If you are in any part of India and looking for a health test or full body checkup, kindly contact us at +(91) 728 9876 363. Also, you can visit our website www.areyouhealthy.in. We offer the best service for health checkups. Also, we have various health packages available at low prices. For our regular customers, there is a massive discount on regular checkups.

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