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What if you came to know 3-4 years after your marriage that your life partner is not compatible with you? What if you together can’t produce your offsprings? That’s why you should know your to be life-partner not just by outside but also internally. You may think that you’re happy with each other in every aspect, but there may be some internal problems which might lead your partner to some severe problems in future.
So you should know your partner before it’s too late. And this would help you to increase the quality of married life.

We at AreYouHealthy aims to reduce the risk of guardians passing on illness or genetic issue to their kids. Getting screened before marriage can assure both who are getting married that they are not a carrier. If it turns out that both of them are carriers, they can further seek help from their respective doctors.
And to check this, we have Premarital Profile for you that comprises of 44 test parameters.

Quicklook to Genetic Disorders

A genetic disease is an ailment that is brought about by an abnormality in a person’s genome, the individual’s entire hereditary makeup. The variation can range from tiny to major – from a discrete change in a single base in the DNA of a single gene to a gross chromosome abnormality including the addition or subtraction of a whole chromosome or group of chromosomes. Some genetic disorders are acquired from the guardians, while other genetic diseases are acquired changes or transformations in a preexisting gene or group of genes. Transformations can happen either randomly or because of some natural exposure.

Preventive genetic services based on population screening are now a fundamental piece of maternal and child wellbeing programs in numerous parts of the world. Mass testing and genetic counselling have been done generally, yet they are not as viable as anternal screening programs. Diagnostic tests can identify numerous genetic conditions brought about by chromosome abnormalities.
There are some advantages of genetic testing like it finds unknown problems. Many of the flawed genes these tests find aren’t linked to your race, ethnicity, or family history. You may never know you or your partner carries them. The test result can help you figure out if you’re in a high-risk group, especially if you’re unaware of your family medical history or if you come from a multi-ethnic background.

What Everyone Ought To Know About PREMARITAL PROFILE

Premarital profile by AreYouHealthy has eight subprofiles. Professional experts will do the examining of the test sample at the certified labs. You can book the profile by providing the required details on our website

Profiles that are included in the premarital profile are:

Infectious Disease Profile
Beta- Thalassemia Screening Profile
Diabetic Screen Profile
Iron Deficiency Profile
Vitamin- B12 Profile
Serum Ferritin
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH) Profile
Complete Hemogram Profile

In case you need any assistance from AreYouHealthy, please feel free to call on +917289876363.

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