Health Checkup At Home

Full Health Check up At Home

Are you looking for body checkup at home? We are here to provide you with this service. We offer many health checkup packages for your healthy well being at the lowest rates. Priority as a human being must be to being physically and mentally healthy. Being healthy must be the first goal of our nation because health is wealth. Early detection of many diseases can help to cure that disease in time. There is one saying that “It’s never too late or too early to start taking care of yourself.” Many people in our society don’t believe in regular health checkups. They think that they are healthy enough so, there is no need to go for health checkups. There is a myth in our community that taking preventive health checkups is very costly. They usually think it is a total waste of money if they opted for any preventive body checkup. They don’t keep their health as a first priority. Most of the people take a doctor’s appointment when they face some serious condition. 

Well, progress is taking place now. Many people are interested in taking regular health checkups. In the upcoming period, the rate of health checkup on a regular basis might increase. The reason is that some people started to take care of their health at the early stage of any disease. Now people come to know that prevention is better than cure. Taking health checkups is not so costly as compared to diagnose any disease. 

At this time, people are very busy with their respective work. This might be a primary reason behind not taking care of their health. They can’t take a day off whenever they have to go for the screening of their health. This is not possible every time for a working person. Being healthy must be a priority, but we can’t ignore our work as well, right? So, we provide health checkup at home. Now you don’t have to be panic whenever it comes to your health. We are here to help. We offer many packages at an affordable price. You don’t have to give a second thought when it comes to price. You can opt for health checkup at home services. You have to visit our site and call us at 7289876363 to book an appointment. While booking, you can choose different health packages for you and your family. After that our assistance will call for date and time booking of your convenience. After the completion of your booking, our agent visits your home at the time of appointment. Then they will take your samples for many tests. You don’t have to pay the payment at the time of booking. You can pay when our agent is done with your body screening at home or sample collection is done.

Once the test results are released, we will send you via email, or you can also request a hard copy.

For hard copies, you have to pay an extra Rs 75 for postal charges.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our laboratories are: NABL, ISO 9001 Certified. It has more than 1,122 outlets and collection center all over India, Bangladesh, and the middle east.
  • Simple and Convenient: Our certified and professional agent will come to your home at your appointment time to collect samples. Our agent will carry many ice bags to take care of the samples. They make sure that the samples are transported in a hygienic manner to laboratories.
  • Extensive Test Coverage: Many tests are there in our package to detect any health risk in the meantime. Due to which you can cure it in the early stage.
  • Reports on Time: Once the reports are ready, we will send it to you via email personally. Now you don’t have to wait for your hard copy to go to the doctor’s consultancy. You can download it from email and show it to your doctor easily.

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