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Areyouhealthy Team Explores Factors Related to Health Checkup For Senior Citizens

A senior citizen plays an integral part as they hold the whole family together. When people age, they are more susceptible to diseases. As their age increases, their immune system becomes slower and weak, and its ability to detect diseases also declines. There are many reasons due to which their immune system starts deteriorating. Some of the reasons can be chemical exposure, radiation, and contraction of certain diseases.

People under the age of 60-74 are elderly and over 75 as old. People who come under this age group has more possibility of developing diseases. Even if you are fit as a flea, you are highly advised to take general health check-ups. Because prevention is better than cure, moreover, these saying fits right for old people. Preventive health check-up packages are plays a very important role in senior citizens life because it detects or might be slow down the growth of the disease.

As the growing age, only physical health does not matter all the time. They need to be mentally, functionally, cognitive and emotionally healthy. With the help of preventive health check-ups, we can detect any diseases at an early age and can take precautions. With suitable health check-up packages, people can manage accordingly to their financial conditions. Elderly people have very low life expectations at their old age, so, with the help of preventive health check-ups, they can screen their health and can do work upon it accordingly.

Importance Of Physical Health And Recommended Tests

The physical health of an old age people is worst day by day. So, it is vital to look after their health. Elderly people are most at risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke, and respiratory diseases. Early detection of illness can save time, money and their healthy life. There are some test elements which are essential for elderly people. Some of these elements include:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Diabetes
  3. Hearing and vision test
  4. Cancer screening
  5. COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  6. Lipid profile check

Importance Of Functional Health And Recommended Tests

Functional interdependence is likely to be the first concern for senior citizens. Their functional health check-up should be a primary factor. Checking for their knee, backbone, and hip is necessary. They can also go for the check-up for bone strength and balance. Some functional tests for older people are:

  1. Serum Calcium
  2. Dexa scan
  3. Bone mineral density test(BMD)

Low level of vitamin and calcium can be the reason for the increase in the risk of fractures. Due to the weakness in their knees, there is a high possibility of fall. Balance problem in senior citizens is a common and severe problem nowadays. A person can go for Blood test also. This test will determine the blood count of your body. The blood test result will help you to detect many diseases.

Importance Of Cognitive And Emotional Health

Senior citizens are very sensitive and emotionally weak due to the cognitive problem. Screening of cognitive and emotional health in regular interval of time can help to prevent cognitive dysfunction. Obesity is also a second risk factor for emotional health. Obesity is associated with psychological factors like isolation and depression. To overcome this, there should be a proper check-up with the help of a therapist.

Regular preventive health check-up is necessary for all age groups. Many companies organize their regular health check-up program. The government also organize many free health check-up campaigns.

How Areyouhealthy Can Help You?

We at understand the importance of our grandparents. Due to them morality and integrity of life are priceless. Areyouhealthy offers many health check-up packages to profit our senior citizen patients. We provide home sample collection service at your doorstep. People don’t have to go to any clinic or hospitals for health check-ups. During the process of booking, you don’t have to pay the payment. You can pay at the time of sample collection at your home. After booking an appointment, our assistance will come to your home and collect your test samples. After screening your samples, test reports will send you via email, or you can opt for hard also. For hard copies, you have to pay Rs 50 extra for a postal charger.

For booking and queries call us at 7289876363 or visit

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