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About Hepatitis B Profile

Hepatitis is a condition described by inflammation and, sometimes, liver enlargement. It has different causes, one of which is an infection caused by a virus. HBV is one among the five “hepatitis viruses” distinguished so far that are known to infect the liver predominantly. Avail the most affordable deal on booking the Hepatitis B Profile. Book the profile at low rate today. At this aggressive price point, this profile consists of 47 test parameters bundled under 4 sub-profiles. Test results of the Hepatitis B Profile will be mailed to you within 2-3 days after the test sample collection. In case a person requires a hard copy of the test reports, he/she can request for that. An extra of Rs. 75/- will be charged for that.

The 4 sub-profiles of the Hepatitis B Profile are as follows:

  • DIABETIC SCREEN PROFILE(2). The test parameters of the Hepatitis B Profile are grouped under Diabetic Screen sub-profile. The two test parameters are Average Blood Glucose (ABG) and HbA1c (HBA). Please note that the raised level of glucose in the body releases distinctive ailment. The Diabetic Screen sub-profile estimates the glucose level rise and hence perceives the related-conditions with the Diabetes Mellitus.
  • LIVER PROFILE(11). The human body has many significant organs. One of which is the Liver. The unique compounds like bilirubin, proteins, etc., are the sole products of the liver. There are very essential for our body. The liver sub-profile wraps 11 test parameters. These test parameters help in analysing the levels of various liver products.
  • HEPATITIS PANEL PROFILE(6). The Hepatitis Panel sub-profile is the main focus of the Hepatitis B profile. It consists of 6 test parameters.. A detailed list of all 6 parameters can be found on the product image. Some of these tests are:
  1. Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen (AHBc) – Total Can be seen at the starting of symptoms in case of acute hepatitis B and stays for lifelong. Any trace of anti-HBc points to the previous or ongoing infection because of the hepatitis B virus in an undefined duration.
  2. Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen (AHBc) – Igm. The test positivity points forward to the recent infection related to the hepatitis B virus (<6 mos). Its presence in the liver indicates acute infection.
  3. Anti Hepatitis B Surface Antigen – Total. The presence of anti-HBs in the body is generally interpreted as an indication of the recovery as well as immunity due to hepatitis B virus infection. Anti-HBs even develops in some persons who have been successfully vaccinated against hepatitis B.
  4. Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg). It is a protein on the surface of the Hepatitis B virus. It can be found in high levels in blood serum during acute (chronic) hepatitis B virus infection. The presence of HBsAg in a person indicates that the person is infectious. Our body usually releases antibodies to HBsAg as a part of the immune response to infection. HBsAg is an antigen used in hepatitis B vaccine.
  • COMPLETE HEMOGRAM PROFILE(28). The Complete Hemogram sub-profile in the Arthritis Profile C packs 28 test parameters. A blood sample is examined for the test. This profile determines the exact count of blood particles like Neutrophils, WBC, Basophils, Eosinophils, MCV, Lymphocytes, HCT, Hb, Monocytes, RBC Count, PS, ES etc.

There is no requirement of going for fasting before the test sample collection for Hepatitis B Profile. After the sample collection process, the test sample collector will bring the samples to our highly equipped labs. It takes the small duration of 48-72 hours to mail you your test reports on your registered email. We even provide the hard copy of the test reports which can be requested on an extra payment of Rs. 75/-.