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Marengo Asia Hospital | QRG Hospital Fraidabad Phone Number

Address: Plot No. 69 Mathura Road, near Neelam Flyover, Sector 20 A, New Industrial Town, Faridabad, Haryana 121001.

Contact Number: 18003099999  Whatsapp    8448845818

What services does Marengo Asia Hospitals, Faridabad, offer?

Marengo Asia Hospital is a multispecialty hospital located in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. The hospital has a capacity of 325 beds, with plans to expand to over 500 beds in the near future. The hospital offers one of the best medical infrastructures in the city of Faridabad, including critical care medicine and life-saving disease support. The staff of the hospital is highly skilled, and the medical professionals are nationally recognized. The hospital utilizes modern hardware and software technology to efficiently manage the medical conditions of patients.

What services are offered by the Clinical Psychology department at Marengo Asia Hospital?

The Clinical Psychology Department at Marengo Asia Hospital offers a wide range of services, including medication for depression or anxiety, counseling, therapy sessions for various disorders in adults and children, as well as proper treatment for chronic psychological conditions. The doctors at Marengo Asia Hospital create personalized treatment plans for better results.

What are the various neurosurgeries performed at Marengo Asia Hospitals?

The hospital offers a wide range of neurological surgical procedures performed by some of the best neurosurgeons in Faridabad. Some of the surgeries include craniotomy, brain tumor surgery, spinal fusion, deep brain stimulation, peripheral nerve surgery, and pediatric neurosurgery.”

What are the core components of the Neurosciences Department at Marengo Asia Hospital?

The Neurosciences Department at Marengo Asia Hospital in Faridabad provides comprehensive specialized services to neurology patients. The hospital features specialized units and expert teams dedicated to managing various neurological conditions, including neurology, neurosurgery, neurophysiology, neurorehabilitation, and neuroimaging.

Does the Marengo hospital offer weight loss surgery?

The hospital offers minimally invasive surgical options for patients struggling with weight loss. This can be a very good option; however, one must consult the doctor initially before undergoing the surgery. The doctors perform a detailed analysis of the patient before performing any bariatric surgery. This kind of surgery is extremely beneficial for those patients who have had very low success with traditional weight loss methods.

What services does the Department of Orthopedics at Marengo Asia Hospitals provide?

The Department of Orthopedics at Marengo Asia Hospital in Faridabad offers a wide array of medical care services related to orthopedics. The hospital delivers highly accurate diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation services for various orthopedic conditions. The professional doctors at Marengo Asia Hospital have extensive experience in handling conditions such as shoulder replacement, treatment of fractures, as well as conditions related to the elbow, ankle, foot, and sports injuries. Additionally, the department offers services such as ligament reconstruction, spinal and peripheral joint injections, back surgery, and management of soft tissue conditions.

What services does Marengo Asia Hospital offer in organ transplantation?

The hospital specializes in multiple organ transplants. The availability of all the required technical and medical infrastructure in-house gives the advantage of better transplantation outcomes for patients. The hospital has highly maintained ICU and post-transplant rooms.

What services does Marengo Asia Hospital provide in Cardiac Sciences?

The hospital offers a wide range of services related to cardiac conditions. These services include comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of heart-related conditions. The team of renowned cardiologists at the hospital, along with cardiac surgeons and skilled paramedical staff, deliver round-the-clock services with compassion to cardiac patients.
The hospital is fully equipped with all the necessary state-of-the-art facilities to conduct a variety of diagnostic and surgical procedures, providing optimal treatment to cardiac patients. These procedures range from invasive interventions to minimally invasive techniques.
Together, the team believes in providing quality medical services to improve heart health and treatment outcomes, as well as enhancing the overall health condition of cardiac patients.

What is Oncology, and how does Marengo Asia Hospital address cancer care?

Oncology is a specialized field of medicine primarily focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and research of cancer. At Marengo Asia Hospital in Faridabad, the approach of doctors is to provide holistic and patient-centric treatment plans. The hospital offers comprehensive oncology services, starting from early and accurate diagnosis to the creation of personalized treatment plans.

The hospital boasts a massive team of experienced oncologists, as well as radiologists and surgeons. These medical professionals are highly trained and skilled in providing world-class medical treatment to patients fighting cancer. The hospital is equipped with a large array of modern and highly effective medical equipment for managing cancer cases.

The hospital’s management believes that along with the treatment protocol, it is also important to ensure the proper rehabilitation of the patient so that they can achieve the best possible results.

How is cancer diagnosed at Marengo Asia Hospital?

To diagnose cancer, Marengo Asia Hospital in Faridabad recommends various tests. The hospital has in-house capacity to perform various diagnostic examinations, including blood tests, MRI, urine tests, PET-CT scans, ultrasound, and biopsy. The diagnostic procedures are performed with extreme care to ensure accurate results. Based on the results of the diagnostic tests, the medical team decides on the treatment plan to improve the quality of life of the patient.

How is nephrology care provided at Marengo Asia Hospital?

Formerly known as QRG Hospital, Marengo Asia Hospital offers comprehensive nephrology care. The hospital boasts a dedicated Department of Nephrology, led by well-known nephrologists from the Faridabad region of Delhi NCR. Additionally, the hospital collaborates with specialists from other renowned hospitals as and when required.

Marengo Asia Hospital provides various kidney treatments utilizing advanced diagnostic techniques and cutting-edge surgical procedures, meeting high-quality international standards. Some of the most focused areas for the nephrology team at Marengo Asia Hospital include providing medical services to patients with chronic kidney disease, those in need of dialysis support, and those requiring kidney transplants.

What diagnostic services are available for kidney conditions at QRG Hospital Faridabad?

At QRG Hospital in Faridabad, they offer a comprehensive array of diagnostic services for various kidney and nephrology-related conditions. These diagnostic services include blood tests to assess parameters like Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), serum creatinine, and urinalysis. They also offer 24-hour urine collection to properly evaluate kidney function and detect any abnormalities. Additionally, they provide advanced imaging tests such as CT scans, X-rays, and ultrasounds, which are utilized to provide detailed insights into the structure and function of the kidneys. All these analyses aid in proper diagnosis and treatment planning. These diagnostic services offered by QRG are extremely essential and can be helpful in identifying kidney-related issues early, which aids in timely intervention and optimal patient outcomes.”

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