How To Take Care Of Your Heart

A heart is the main constituent part of our body. Heart plays a significant role in our health. If your heart is not healthy, your entire body might be worse. You must consult your doctor about your heart’s health. You may not be aware of diseases which are developing in your heart. The reason might be that there are no symptoms. So, it is very important to take regular health check up for the heart. We highly recommended that if you’re over 45 years of age, you must go for a heart health checkup, i.e., cardiac risk assessment. A cardiac risk assessment will tell you if you have any cardiovascular diseases.

Most important indicators for cardiac risk are those of a person’s health history. Some of these includes:

  1. Age
  2. Family history
  3. Weight
  4. Cigarette smoking
  5. Blood pressure
  6. Diet
  7. Exercise
  8. Diabetes

Some Important Tests For Heart

Your doctor will perform some tests to check your hearts’ health. He will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and will take some blood tests.

  • Heart Rate: A doctor will feel your pulses. Pulses are checked to know the heart rate and rhythm. Each pulse will match up to your heartbeat. Your pulses help your doctor to understand your blood flow and blood pressure. Your heart rate is the number of heartbeats in one minute. To measure your pulse on your own:
  1. Get a watch
  2. Make sure it has a second hand.
  3. Place your finger in the inner wrist of other arms (just below the thumb).
  4. You will feel tapping against your finger.
  5. Count the number of tapping you feel in 1 minute.
  • Blood Pressure: Blood pressure is the pressure of your blood as your heart pumps blood around the body. When you are at rest, the average blood pressure level is less than 120 over less than 80. High blood is also known as hypertension. High blood pressure can narrow the wall of arteries, which can block the flow to your heart. It can cause heart diseases like heart attack and stroke.
  • Blood Test: This test will measure the level of sodium, potassium, albumin, creatinine, etc. If the test result is not normal, it indicates that you might have some problems related to kidney, liver, and heart. A blood test can measure the cholesterol level. It helps to diagnose other diseases like anemia, thyroid, etc. which could affect your heart.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Heart:

  • Schedule Your Heart Health Checkup: Your heart is your responsibility. Make sure you schedule a health checkup to check a level of cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose. Ask your doctor to help you to maintain your health. Be sure to follow your doctor instructions.
  • Eat Healthily: Put healthy fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks in your refrigerator. If you take healthy foods for 21 days, healthy choices will become your habit.
  • Get Physical: Do some exercise and jogging for 15 minutes a day. Exercise will help you to maintain your health. Increase your activity by 5 minutes every week.
  • Drink More Water: Drinking fresh water is a primary choice for good health. Carry one water bottle every time you go outside. Try to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Quit Smoking: Try to avoid your smoking habit. Smokers have more probability of having a heart attack as compared to non-smokers. So, it’s better to leave before it’s too late to quit your smoking habit.
  • Eat Less Salt: More salt intake leads to a high level of blood pressure. Which increases your risk of developing heart diseases. Daily consumption of salt should not be more than 6g.
  • Control Cholesterol: Eating food containing high saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol can lead to a high level of cholesterol. High cholesterol is not good for your health. To maintain your cholesterol levels, eat foods with low trans fat, eat chicken, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Maintain A Healthy Weight: If you exceed an average healthy weight, your risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes increases. To maintain a healthy weight, try to take 200-300 calories. Try to do some exercise for at least 30 minutes. Weight loss is tough for every patient. Try to do some physical activity every day by which your body can get some profit.

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