Hypertension Profile M

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Fasting Needed | Sample Type: Serum

Parameters Included in Hypertension Profile M

Kidney Profile Test List (5)

  1. Bun / Sr. Creatinine Ratio
  2. Blood Urea Nitrogen (Bun)
  3. Calcium
  4. Creatinine – Serum
  5. Uric Acid

Liver Enzyme Profile Test (11)

  1. Serum Alb/Globulin Ratio
  2. Alkaline Phosphatase
  3. Bilirubin -Direct
  4. Bilirubin (Indirect)
  5. Bilirubin – Total
  6. Gamma Glut Amyl Transferase (Ggt)
  7. Protein – Total
  8. Albumin – Serum
  9. Serum Globulin
  10. Aspartate Aminotransferase (Sgot )
  11. Alanine Transaminase (Sgpt)

Diabetes Profile(2)

  1. Average Blood Glucose (Abg)
  2. HbA1c

Complete Blood Count Elements (28)

  1. Basophils – Absolute Count
  2. Eosinophils – Absolute Count
  3. Lymphocytes – Absolute Count
  4. Monocytes – Absolute Count
  5. Neutrophils – Absolute Count
  6. Basophils
  7. Eosinophils
  8. Hemoglobin
  9. Immature Granulocytes(Ig)
  10. Immature Granulocyte Percentage(Ig%)
  11. Total Leucocytes Count
  12. Lymphocyte Percentage
  13. Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin(Mch)
  14. Mean Corp.Hemo.Conc(Mchc)
  15. Mean Corpuscular Volume(Mcv)
  16. Monocytes
  17. Neutrophils
  18. Nucleated Red Blood Cells
  19. Nucleated Red Blood Cells %
  20. Hematocrit(Pcv)
  21. Platelet Count
  22. Total Rbc
  23. Red Cell Distribution Width (Rdw-Cv)
  24. Red Cell Distribution Width – Sd(Rdw-Sd)
  25. Platelecrit (Pct)
  26. Mean Platelet Volume (Mpv)
  27. Platelet To Large cell Ratio (Plcr)
  28. Platelet Distribution Width (Pdw)

Thyroid Function Test At Home (3)

  1. Total Triiodothyronine (T3)
  2. Total Thyroxine (T4)
  3. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (Tsh)

Lipid Profile Analysis (8)

  1. Total Cholesterol
  2. Hdl Cholesterol – Direct
  3. Ldl Cholesterol – Direct
  4. Ldl / Hdl Ratio
  5. Non-Hdl Cholesterol
  6. Tc/ Hdl Cholesterol Ratio
  7. Triglycerides
  8. Vldl Cholesterol

Aldosterone (1)

Cortisol (1)

Direct Renin(1)

About Hypertension Profile M

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Sub-Profiles Included In Hypertension Profile M

  • Thyroid Profile. It is the first sub-profile incorporated into Hypertension Profile M. A thyroid profile is utilised to assess thyroid function as well as help analyse hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism because of different thyroid disorders. The profile commonly incorporates tests for: Total Thyroxine(T4), Total Triiodothyronine(T3) and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH).
  • Diabetic Screen Profile. Diabetes screening tests are a decent precaution method for catching the development of diabetes at the beginning time. Outcomes from a diabetes screening test can be utilised to look for further medical guidance from a specialist or medicinal expert. The screening test isn’t planned as a diagnosis, and diabetes screening test is not constantly accurate. If at any phase of the test, an individual is nervous or uncertain, he/she should contact the specialist for further advice. A screening test is advisable if an individual has any of the side effects of diabetes, for example, frequently expecting to urine, increased thirst or persistent lethargy.
  • Liver Profile. The liver profile included in Hypertension Profile M  covers 11 test parameters. The other famous name for the liver profile is Liver chemistries.
  • Lipid Profile. Lipids are a set of fats and fat-like substances that are critical constituents of cells and sources of energy. A lipid profile estimates the amount of specific lipids in the blood. Two vital lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides, are transported in the blood by lipoprotein particles. Every particle contains a combination of protein, cholesterol, triglyceride, and phospholipid molecules. The particles estimated with a lipid profile are characterised by their thickness into high-density lipoproteins (HDL), low-density lipoproteins (LDL), and very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL).
  • Kidney Profile. We have two kidneys on either side of our spine that are each approximately the size of a human fist. They’re located posterior to our abdomen and below our rib cage. Our kidneys play several vital roles in maintaining our health. One of their critical jobs is to filter waste materials from the blood and expel them from the body as urine. The kidneys also help in controlling the levels of water and various essential minerals in the body.
  • Complete Hemogram Profile. A complete blood count (CBC) or complete hemogram is a blood test used to assess the overall health and detect a broad scope of disorders, including anaemia, disease and leukaemia.
  • Cortisol Profile. Cortisol is a hormone that influences almost every organ and tissue in our body. Cortisol is produced by our adrenal organs, two little organs situated over the kidneys. A cortisol test estimates the amount of cortisol in the blood, urine, or saliva. Blood tests are the most well-known method for evaluating cortisol.
  • Aldosterone Profile. Aldosterone test estimates the dimension of aldosterone (a hormone made by the adrenal organs), in the blood. Aldosterone controls potassium and sodium levels in the body. This enables control to circulatory strain and the parity of liquids and electrolytes in the blood. Inform the specialist if a person is on any prescriptions, have any underlying medical conditions or unknown ailments before the Aldosterone test. The specialist will give explicit guidelines depending upon the patient’s condition on how to get ready for Aldosterone test. This test is best performed in the first part of the day. Keep away from strenuous exercise before the test.
  • Direct Renin Profile. This is the last subprofile included in the Hypertension Profile M. Renin(an enzyme) controls aldosterone production. This test determines the level of renin in the blood.