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About Hypertension Profile A

Hypertension profile A helps in detecting and treating high blood pressure. This profile is mainly used to figure out diseases caused by blood pressure. Nowadays, Hypertension or High blood pressure is one of the leading risk factors of premature death. Also, it can lead to stroke, heart attacks, heart failure, chronic kidney failure, and dementia. The hypertension profile A consists of 69 test parameters grouped under 12 sub-profiles. This profile asses for detecting and treating high blood pressure. These sub-profiles are as follow:

  • Thyroid Profile(3). Thyroid profile has three parameters on which our thyroid gland is tested. Thyroid gland releases T3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxine) hormones. These are present in our lower neck. These are the two vital hormones secreted inside our body. With a lack of T3 and T4 hormone, we experience depression, weight loss, weight gain, feeling energyless most of the time. By this, we get to know about whether these hormones are over in our body or they are underproduction.
  • Diabetic Screen(2). The Diabetic Screen Test profile requires fasting of 8-12 hours before the sample collection. Outcomes from a diabetes screening test can be utilised to look for further medical guidance from a specialist or medicinal expert.
  • Iron Deficiency Profile(3). With this sub-profile, we can determine the levels of Iron Content and Transferrin in our blood. In iron deficiency sub-profile, we can find whether our body is suffering from iron deficiency or not, with the help of these three parameters. The test reports help us know the iron building capacity of the cells. This sub-profile even helps in analysing heat diseases. It also helps us to found if the body is suffering from different types of Anemia or not.
  • Liver Profile(11). The liver profile includes 11 test parameters on which our liver is tested. The liver profile is also known as Liver chemistries.
  • Lipid Profile(8) With lipid sub-profile, our body gets tested on eight essential test parameters. Lipids are a set of fats and fat-like substances that are critical constituents of cells and sources of energy. A lipid profile estimates the number of lipids(Specific) in the blood. There are two vital lipids one is cholesterol, and the other one is triglycerides. These lipids are transported in the blood with the help of lipoprotein particles. Every particle contains a combination of protein, cholesterol, triglyceride, and phospholipid molecules. The particles of a lipid profile are characterised by their thickness into high-density lipoproteins (HDL), low-density lipoproteins (LDL), and very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL).
  • Kidney Profile(5). The Kidney sub-profile test our body on 5-vital parameters which help us to determine kidney health. One cannot ignore the health of the Kidney. It has an essential job of filtering of waste and excess of water out of the blood. Around 180 litres of blood, every day has been filtered out by both of our kidneys.
  • Complete Hemogram(28). The full hemogram profile covers 28 test parameters. Our body is tested on 28 parameters during complete Hemogram test. A total blood count (CBC) or complete hemogram is a blood test used to determine the overall health, and it also detects a broad scope of disorders in our body including anaemia and leukaemia. A complete hemogram test estimates several parts and highlights of the blood that includes Red blood cells(RBC’s), White blood cells(WBC’s), Haemoglobin, Hematocrit and Platelets. Unusual increment or decrement in the cell counts may show that an individual has an underlying medical condition that calls for further assessment.
  • Cortisol. Cortisol is produced by our adrenal organs that are situated over the kidneys. A cortisol test helps us to understand the amount of cortisol in the blood, urine, or saliva. Blood tests are the most well-known method for evaluating cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that influences almost every organ and tissue in our body.
  • Aldosterone. Aldosterone test should be performed in the first part of the day. You should Keep yourself away from the strenuous exercise before the test. Aldosterone test tells us about the estimates of the dimension of aldosterone (a hormone made by the adrenal organs), in the blood. Aldosterone controls potassium and sodium levels in the body. Aldosterone enables control to circulatory strain and the parity of liquids and electrolytes in the blood. This test is best performed in the first part of the day. Keep away from strenuous exercise before the test. If a person is on prescriptions, have any underlying medical conditions or unknown ailments before the Aldosterone test, he/she should consult the doctor. The doctor will give complete guidelines depending upon the patient’s condition on how to get ready for Aldosterone test.
  • Direct Renin. The Renin(an enzyme) controls aldosterone production. This test helps a person to determine the level of renin in the blood. Renin also helps in regulating our blood pressure. Renin is made by specialising cells found in the kidneys. When we have high blood pressure or hypertension, Renin helps us finding the reason behind it due to which we can get the right treatment. A Renin Profile test can identify what is happening in our body.
  • Serum Electrolytes(3). The Serum Electrolytes Test profile primarily determines the primary electrolytes in the body; these electrolytes consist of Sodium (Na+), Chloride (Cl-) and Potassium (K).In this test, our body is tested on three required parameters. Electrolytes are known to be the electrically charged elements/minerals in the body tissues along with bloodstream. The primary function of these electrolytes is to facilitate the nutrients entering the body and filter the waste out of the body cells. The electrolytes also help in maintaining healthy water equilibrium and muscle activity. It also stabilises the pH level of the body.
  • Microalbuminuria (3). This Microalbuminuria sub-profile has 3 test parameters for our body. It is a urine test that tells us the estimate of albumin in urine. Microalbuminuria is usually present in the blood. Albumin is an essential protein that is used by our body cells. A certain level of microalbuminuria in the urine may lead to kidney damage, growth, as well as assist in repairing tissues.

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