Importance of Post Covid Health Checkup

As per the latest data from the government, it shows that the recovery rate of Covid-19 has significantly increased. But still, there are a lot of cases where a person who was tested negative for the coronavirus becomes infected again with COVID-19. Also, there are some cases where some coronavirus recovered patients suffer post-covid complications and make it difficult to go back to the lifestyle like they were used to living before.

In order to fully recover from Covid-19 and its post-recovery complications, there are some vital tests that every patient should consider post-covid infection checkup in order to keep proper track of them and help them to get back to their regular lifestyle.

Here Are Some Of The Vital Tests That Are Suggested For Post Covid Recovered People

  • Infection Checkup Profile: Studies show that Covid-19 affects the immunity system of the human body. Our immunity system is the one that makes our body fight against any foreign substances, viruses and bacteria affecting our body. But due to Covid-19, the functionality of the immunity system gets disturbed, which makes a person vulnerable to various infections, including black fungus.
    Infection Checkup Profile Consists of several vital test parameters that help a person to understand the actual scenario of their immunity system to fight against infections. This includes Interleukin-6, Procalcitonin, Ferritin and D-Dimer tests.
  • Covid-19 Antibody Test: There are a lot of cases where people get infected again with coronavirus. This is because of their less amount of antibodies being generated to fight against the virus. It is vital for a covid recovered patient to keep checks of their antibodies being generated with the help of Covid antibody IGG (CLIA) and Covid antibody total (ELISA) tests which is included in the Covid-19 Antibody GT Test package.
  • CBC (Complete Blood Count) Test: CBC Test is a vital test to evaluate different types of blood cells in our body like platelets, RBCs and WBCs. This will help you to monitor your changes due to covid and how well you are recovering from the infection.
  • Lipid Profile (Cholesterol) Test: The virus can cause complications in terms of blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the body. This can be even worse even if a patient was suffering issues in terms of high cholesterol and low/high blood pressure, which makes it prone to cardiac problems if not examined at the right time. This makes it important to check with lipid profile tests.
  • Vitamin Test: In our body, vitamin D is one of the important nutrients that support our immunity system to boost. In order to quickly recover from post-covid, it is vital to keep track of Vitamin D in our body.
  • CT Scan: Recent cases of Covid-19 recovered patients are complaining about issues in breathing and damages to the lungs. It is highly advised for covid recovered patients to go for a CT scan to check the spread of infection and post-recovery results.
  • Cardiac Screening Test: Medical experts suggest that covid-19 infection does a lot of damage and inflammation within the body, which later on causes severe problems like arrhythmias issues, heart muscles and a lot more. That is why it is highly advised for patients to check for cardiac screening to examine their health status.

Conclusion: Covid-19 is a harmful infection, but in order to fully recover from the virus, a person should keep track of the recovery from the virus and should go for important tests to get back to their regular lifestyle. One can also go for Aarogyam C Profile test & Infection Checkup profile, which consists of vital test parameters that are required to keep track of your health post-coronavirus recovery.

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