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About Thyrocare Infection Checkup Profile

Nowadays, in our day to day lifestyle, we need to tackle a lot of hazardous substances present in the environment—a lot of unknown viruses and bacteria revolving around in the air and water. Even in the current scenarios of Covid-19 infection spreading in all over the world, it is necessary to get a test done. Areyouhealthy now provides Infection checkup profile which allows you to thoroughly check your body for infections so that you can understand the actual health status of yourself. There might be a small infection that might convert into severe disease if not diagnosed and cured on time. Book this test now for a healthier tomorrow for you and your loved ones.

What Are The Tests Included Under Infection Checkup Profile?

There are four significant tests included in the infection checkup profile. These are very much necessary tests to analyze the immunity power of the human body for infections.

  • Interleukin-6: Interleukin-6 is a type of protein that is produced by various cells. This is potentially useful as a market for the immunity system. This test is done to monitor the inflammatory response—for example, lupus, sepsis, infection, or to evaluate stroke and cardiovascular diseases. It is one of the large groups of molecules that are termed to be cytokines.
  • Procalcitonin: It is a substance that is produced by several cells in the human body. The level of procalcitonin in the blood can vary significantly when infection or sepsis is observed in the body.
  • Ferritin: Our body relies on the iron present in the RBC (red blood cells) to carry the oxygen to all the different cells. Ferritin is a type of vital protein that stores iron. It releases it when our body requires it. If these ferritin levels are either low or too much higher than the adequate range can lead to several problems. That’s why the ferritin test helps to analyze the actual range of levels present in the body.
  • D-Dimer: D-Dimer is one of the vital protein fragments that are produced in case the blood clot gets dissolved in the human body. It is usually undetectable at a very low level unless there is a severe breakdown of blood clots. This test is done to determine the likelihood of blood clots presence. If the results are negative D-dimer, then it shows the presence of a thrombus.

There is no fasting required, and our expert will get your serum and sodium citrate sample collection for free from home. Book The Infection Checkup Profile NOW!

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