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Price @ 400/- Only | Fasting Needed | Sample Type: Serum

About Thyrocare Kidpro Profile presents an exclusive health checkup package at Rs 400 only. Kidpro profile is a preventive health checkup package. It includes 5 test parameters in total. This profile test is for checking the performance of kidneys. Before going for this test 10-12 hours of fasting is compulsory. Kidpro Test is also known as Renal function test.

Tests Included in Kidpro Profile


Detailed Overview Of Kidney Profile

  • First test of this profile is Bun/Sr. Creatinine ratio test. When a patient performs both BUN and Creatinine test, doctors used the result of both tests to find out BUN to Creatinine ratio. This test is an excellent method to find the problems of kidney and liver individually. But together doctors can understand the disease and provides more accurate results.
  • Second test is Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN) test. This test is used to diagnose acute and chronic renal diseases or any damage. It also measures the amount of nitrogen in your blood. The nitrogen is produced from the waste product urea which is produced in the liver when protein is digested. The healthy kidneys then filter the waste product through urine. It is normal when your body has a little bit amount of urea in your blood because your liver is always producing it. However, if you have too much amount of urea, then it may indicate some problem in your kidney.
  • Third test is about Calcium level present in our body. It is one of the most important minerals in our body. It is essential for the proper functioning of muscles, nerves, and heart. Calcium is used in blood clotting and maintenance of bones and teeth. This test will measure the amount of calcium present in the blood and urine. 2 tests are there for measuring blood calcium. 1st one is Total calcium test, and 2nd is Ionized calcium test.
  • Next test is Creatinine-serum test. It is for measuring the level of creatinine in your blood. Creatinine is a waste product when muscles break down in your body. Doctors estimate the level of creatinine for knowing the function of kidneys. If the level is high, it means your kidney is damaged.
  • Last test is Uric Acid test. The breakdown of purines produces this uric acid. Purines are compound present in the cells of the body. This test measures the level of uric acid in your blood. If the removal of uric acid is not enough, then it can accumulate in your body and can increase the level of blood. If the uric acid is present in excess level in your body, it can cause inflammation of the joints. It can also be deposited in kidneys which can lead to a kidney stone and kidney failure.

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