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Blood tests before marriage? But why? You may think of the same question. But did you ever bothered to think about your health status? And what about the person with whom you’re getting married? His/her health status? Do you know about the health status of your life partner? Oh, you didn’t even bother to think of your own, why would you thought for that person.

Blood tests before marriage might be a new thing for the Indian culture because, in India, people worry about getting the Kundli match. Yeah, it is true, people in India only bothered about getting the Kundli match. We are not saying that getting the Kundli matched is a bad thing, but getting the blood tests done before your D-day is equally beneficial. The tests will not only let you know your life partner in newer terms but also help you to reduce the risk for the future.

We at AreYouHealthy have a perfect profile for these type of testing, i.e., Premarital Profile. Premarital Profile consists of 8 sub-profiles. This profile will cover all the parameters that are needed to be tested before the marriage.

Complete Picture Of Premarital Profile

Medical check-ups are prompted. However, an unquestionable must do for a happy and healthy wedded life. Many are uncertain about this, and have pre-considered ideas; however, doing this will help you to avoid unwanted stress and issues later in a marriage. Knowing your life partner doesn’t mean that you will it will grab you towards trouble grounds. Instead, it will help you to take proper medical care if required. Here are four tests you should do before your D-day.

  1. HIV test
  2. Other sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) tests
  3. Thalassemia Screening test
  4. Diabetic Profile

Premarital profile not only covers these tests but covers some other tests also. Subprofiles that are included in the premarital profile:
Infectious Diseases Profile:-

  1. Infectious disorders can be brought about by bacteria, parasite, virus, or growth. Genetic testing systems can recognise these infections. This profile has 3 test parameters. And the test parameters are HIV ELISA, Anti-hepatitis C virus total, and Hepatitis B surface antigen.
  2. Beta Thalassemia Screening Profile:- Thalassemia is a blood issue passed down through families (acquired) in which the body makes an unusual form or inadequate measure of haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. This profile covers 5 test parameters that are haemoglobin A2, haemoglobin C, haemoglobin D, haemoglobin F and haemoglobin S.
  3. Diabetic Screen Profile:- Diabetic screening profile is for those individuals who are experiencing diabetes. It incorporates 2 test parameters, i.e., HbA1c and Average blood glucose level. These two tests are utilised to decide the dimension of glucose in the body.
  4. Iron Deficiency Profile:- This profile is utilised to identify the iron deficiency in the body. It comprises of 3 test parameters. Iron is used by the body to control the correct working of Red blood cells.
  5. Vitamin B12 Test
  6. Serum Ferritin Profile
  7. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH) Profile
  8. Complete Hemogram Profile

How To Book Premarital Profile In India?

So after knowing the advantages that are included in the Premarital Profile, you must be thinking of getting it booked at AreYouHealthy. It takes less than 5 minutes to book the premarital profile on our website. You need to fill the required details on the form, and you’re done. Yes, it is that simple. After receiving the booking, we will serve you in the best possible way.
The sample will be taken from your provided address at your selected time slot. And you don’t even need to come to receive your test reports, and the executives will send you the reports on an email. And in case you want a hard copy of the reports, you will be charged Rs.75/- more. For more information, you can visit our web-portal

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