Hi, this is Bankim from Areyouhealthy.in. I hope you’re doing fantastic today. In this video, we will go ahead and understand the list of tests included in the master health checkup package. So without wasting your time, let’s talk. The master health checkup package at this point in time offers 129 test parameters. We will understand all the profiles that are included. The first one is the Liver Function Profile Test. This contains 11 test parameters. It analyses the liver function. The profile does also include thyroid profile that provides for three different parameters.

Apart from the profiles mentioned above this master health checkup package also includes Kidney Profile. It analyses the levels of Calcium, Uric acid, Blood urea nitrogen. The kidney profile has 5 parameters. The lipid profile has 8 test parameters. Cardiac risk markers include 6 different test parameters. Diabetic screening includes five different test parameters. Complete haemogram analyses 28 parameters. Vitamin D profile analysis 3 test parameters. Electrolytes profile analysis Sodium, Chloride and Potassium. Pancreas profile analyses 2 test parameters. Arthritis profile analysis 2 test parameters. The master health checkup package also analyses Magnesium, Serum Ferritin, and Testosterone. Fat-soluble vitamins profile analysis includes Vitamin A, E and K. Vitamin B complex profile analysis includes 8 different test parameters. Urinogram includes 10 different test parameters. Microalbuminuria consists of three parameters. It also includes LPA-PLA2. Altogether you can get 129 different parameters tested but keep in mind that for master health checkup 10 to 12 hours of fasting.

You do not need to make only payments at the time of booking. You will have to make the payment to the representative at the comfort of your home. You can decide the date and time of sample collection.

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