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About Max Thalassemia Profile

Max Thalassemia Profile is a preventive health checkup package by Thyrocare. This health checkup package evaluates complete health. This package requires 10-12 hours of fasting. It includes eight profiles and 49 tests parameters.

  • The 1st profile is Complete Hemogram analysis. This profile is for measuring the amount of blood cells existing in your whole body. These tests will tell you about complete blood count.
  • 2nd profile is Hepatitis panel. This test is for finding markers of hepatitis infection. This disease causes inflammation of the liver. Some test focus on proteins, i.e., antibodies and some focuses on genetic material, i.e., DNA or RNA. This profile contains only 1 test, i.e., Anti Hepatitis C Virus (Anti HCV) – Total.
  • Next Profile is Infectious Disease profile. Diseases analysed in this profile are caused by pathogenic microorganisms(bacteria, virus, fungi, etc.). These infections can spread from one individual to another. This includes 2 test parameters. First one is HIV-1&11 Elisa kit-1 and second is Hepatitis B Surface Antigen(HBsAg).
  • 4th profile is for evaluating Iron Deficiency which includes 4 test parameters. These tests are %Transferrin saturation, Iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity(TIBC), Ferritin. Iron is essential for a primary human body because it carries oxygen around the body.
  • 5th profile is Liver profile. It contains 5 test parameters. These tests are Bilirubin-direct, Bilirubin(Indirect), Bilirubin-total, Aspartate Aminotransferase(SGOT), Alanine transaminase(SGPT). This test is for checking your liver functions.
  • Next profile is Renal profile also called Kidney Panel/Kidney profile. This profile has 4 test parameters. Renal profile is for analyzing the function of your kidney. This test measures the level of protein, glucose etc. in your blood to know the status of your kidneys.
  • 7th profile is Thyroid profile. It includes 3 tests. These tests are Total thyroxine, Total triiodothyronine(T3), Thyroid stimulating hormone. Test will measure the quantity of TSH in the blood. If pituitary gland produces more TSH, thyroid will also produce more hormones. So this test is for monitoring abnormal thyroid hormone.
  • Last profile is Vitamin profile. This profile has only 1 test parameter, i.e., 25-OH Vitamin D (Total). Vitamins are important because they fight against bacteria.

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There is one more package related to Max Thalassemia i.e., Mini Thalassemia Profile.