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About Thyrocare Obesity Profile M

The Obesity Profile M consists of 63 test parameters parted under 10 sub-profiles. The word “obesity” literally refers to too much body fat. It’s usually based on our BMI (body mass index) calculation, which a person can check using a BMI calculator. BMI compares our weight with respect to our height. If our BMI is between 25-29.9, we are considered to be overweight but not obese. A BMI result higher than 30 is found to be in the obese range. Book the Obesity Profile M on AreYouHealthy at low rate and avail the facility of Doorstep test specimen(sample) collection. All you need to do is to fill the profile booking form on this webpage and click the SUBMIT button. The test reports are emailed to you within a span of 48-72 hours in the working days. We at AreYouHealthy even provide the hard copy of the test results/reports on request which will charge you an extra amount of Rs. 75/-. The test results are produced by us after thoroughly examining the test sample under experts supervision, and hence quality and accuracy assured.

Listed below are the 10 sub-profiles of the Obesity Profile M:

  • THYROID PROFILE(3). The Thyroid sub-profile tests pack 3 test parameters used to determine how well our thyroid gland is functioning. The thyroid is an organ found in the lower-front of the neck. It is responsible for regulating many of our body’s processes which includes metabolism, energy generation, as well as mood.
  • LIPID PROFILE (8). The Lipid Profile profile test is also referred to as a complete cholesterol test. A person can use it to estimate the amount of “good” and “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides(which is a type of fat) in our blood. The Lipid sub-profile packs 8 test parameters.
  • LIVER PROFILE (11). The Liver sub-profile of the Obesity Profile M consists of 11 test parameters. This sub-profile examines our liver health. One should maintain the levels of various liver enzymes, bilirubin content in his/her blood and distinctive proteins. This sub-profile estimates the mentioned liver products for their levels.
  • DIABETES PROFILE(2). The Diabetes sub-profile packs 2 test parameters. Those test parameters are Average Blood Glucose (ABG) and HbA1c (HBA). With the help of these test parameters, we can determine the raised blood sugar level testing on a blood specimen (sample). Apart from this, it also finds out any other diabetes Mellitus related-conditions. Diabetes sub-profile in Obesity Profile M test requires 8-12 hours of fasting before the specimen (test sample) collection.
  • INSULIN FASTING PROFILE. The Insulin Fasting(F) sub-profile blood test estimates fasting insulin and is helpful in the screening(diagnosing) insulin resistance as well as type II diabetes. Insulin is a hormone released (secreted) by our pancreas in response to intake of carbohydrates. Insulin assists in transporting the carbohydrates as well as sugars from the bloodstream into the body cells. Once inside, those sugars are utilised by the cells to make energy.
  • FASTING BLOOD SUGAR. A Fasting Blood Sugar test calculates the total amount of glucose in our blood. Glucose is known to be a type of simple sugar. It is our body’s prime source of energy. Our body changes the consumed carbohydrates into glucose. This sub-profile requires fasting of 8-12 hours before the test sample collection.
  • IRON DEFICIENCY PROFILE(3). The Iron Deficiency sub-profile in the Obesity Profile M helps in estimating the levels of Iron content as well as Transferrin in our blood. The blood cells of our body require a good iron binding capacity. It needs legitimate monitoring and tracking which is done by the Iron Deficiency profile. It even assists in assessing heart-related diseases and strokes.
  • RENAL PROFILE(5). The Renal or Kidney sub-profile consists of 5 test parameters. Our human body has two kidneys which keep on doing the most important duty that is to filter out waste and excess of water from our blood. In a day span, our kidneys filter approximately 180 litres of blood. All the important knowledge related to kidney health can be collected with the help of this sub-profile.
  • HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE PROFILE. The Human Growth Hormone sub-profile in the Obesity Profile M is a blood serum test. This sub-profile is used to count the amount of Growth Hormone in our blood when a blood sample is drawn. For the test, a team of test sample collector will visit your registered address, and they use a needle to collect a specimen of our blood.
  • COMPLETE HEMOGRAM PROFILE(28). A Complete Hemogram sub-profile is a blood test used to analyse the overall health and identify a diversity of problems, which includes anaemia, infection as well as leukaemia.

Is there any test preparation needed for Obesity Profile M? Yes, 10-12 hours of fasting is required before the test sample collection for the Obesity Profile M. This helps in maintaining the accuracy of the test result. Still, have any query related to the Obesity Profile M or any other test or profiles? Give us a call on 7289-87-6363 anytime.