Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic

6 Tests | Rs 1640 | Blood Tests Only | 10 - 12 Hours Fasting Needed
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Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic: A Fundamental Assessment of Bone Health

The Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic is a comprehensive blood test package designed to provide a fundamental evaluation of bone health. Priced at just Rs 1640, this package includes 6 essential blood tests that offer valuable insights into the health of your bones.

Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic Test List

  1. LIVER [1]
  2. RENAL [2]
    1. CALCIUM
  3. ARTHRITIS [1]
  4. ELEMENTS [1]
  5. VITAMIN [1]
    1. 25-OH VITAMIN D (TOTAL)

About Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic

The Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic is a specialized blood test package curated to assess key markers associated with bone health. By analyzing these markers, healthcare professionals can gain crucial information about bone density, mineral levels, and potential bone-related disorders. Early detection through this package allows for timely intervention and appropriate management of bone health.

Test Components of Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic

The Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic includes 6 vital blood tests, each contributing to a comprehensive evaluation of bone health. Some of the key tests included in this package are:

  1. Liver Function Test (LFT): Evaluates liver health, which plays a vital role in maintaining bone health.
  2. Renal Function Test (RFT): Assesses kidney function, crucial for the elimination of waste products that may affect bone health.
  3. Arthritis Test: Helps detect markers related to arthritis, which can impact bone and joint health.
  4. Essential Elements Test: Measures essential elements that contribute to bone strength and health.
  5. Vitamin Test: Assesses vitamin levels, particularly Vitamin D, essential for bone mineralization.


Who should consider taking the Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic?

The Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic is beneficial for individuals of all age groups, especially those with concerns about bone health or those at risk of bone-related disorders.

Can the Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic detect osteoporosis?

While the Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic does not directly diagnose osteoporosis, it assesses markers related to bone health that can indicate potential risk factors.

What are the common risk factors for bone-related disorders?

Common risk factors include age, gender, family history, lack of physical activity, and certain medical conditions.

How often should individuals undergo bone health assessments?

The frequency of assessments may vary based on individual risk factors and medical history. Consult a healthcare provider for personalized recommendations.

Is the Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic suitable for children?

The Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic can be beneficial for children to assess and monitor bone health, especially if they have relevant risk factors.

Can lifestyle changes improve bone health?

Yes, adopting a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate exposure to sunlight, can positively impact bone health.

 Nurturing Bone Health for a Strong Future

The Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic offered by Thyrocare serves as an essential tool for nurturing bone health. By assessing key markers related to bone density, mineral levels, and potential bone-related issues, this package allows individuals to take proactive measures to support strong and healthy bones throughout life.