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Full Body Health Checkup Packages List In India | Thyrocare Packages

Our full-body checkup packages are comprehensive and give a more profound understanding of the well-being of various body organs. The cost of the full body checkup in India varies depending on the number of parameters and the laboratory chosen. We are incredibly proud to bring the best offers from top national diagnostic laboratories to your city. The pricing ranges from Rs 399 to Rs 6000.
Our packages cover thyroid, vitamins, lipids, kidney, CBC, diabetes, liver and urine. The comprehensive evaluation of all the parameters clearly explains an individual’s well-being. Our complete health checkup packages come with a home sample collection in most areas across India. The reports are 100% genuine, and these are Barcoded for integrity.
Thyrocare 799 Package

Thyrocare 799 Package

Total Parameters 79 | Price Rs 1,599 Rs 799
Powered By Thyrocare Lab
CBC [24] | Diabetes [1] | Lipid [10] | Liver [12] | Renal [7] | Thyroid [1] | Urine [24]
10 – 12 Hours Fasting Required | Blood & Urine Tests

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Thyrocare 899 Package

Thyrocare 899 Package

Total Parameters 85 | Price Rs 1,599 Rs 899
Powered By Thyrocare Lab
CBC [24] | Diabetes [1] | Iron [4] | Lipid [10] | Liver [12] | Renal [7] | Thyroid [3] | Urine [24]
10 – 12 Hours Fasting Required | Blood & Urine Tests

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Thyrocare 999 Package

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Total Parameters 64 | Price Rs 1,599 Rs 999
Powered By Thyrocare Lab
CBC [24] | Diabetes [2] | Electrolytes [2] | Iron [4] | Lipid [10] | Liver [12] | Renal [7] | Thyroid [1] | Vitamin [2]
10 – 12 Hours Fasting Required | Blood Tests Only

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Prices For Full Body Checkup In India

The healthcare diagnostic market has seen a massive decline in the cost of laboratory raw materials like reagents and chemicals. Thus, the tests are much more affordable now than before. A few other factors impact the price of a complete body checkup in India. These include the laboratory, the number of parameters and the number of beneficiaries.
Below are the price ranges of full diagnostics laboratories that offer whole-body checkup packages in India.
The components in the package will depend on the lab and your selection. Please confirm at the time of placing the order by calling our India

 pathology lab test booking helpline at 7289876363

Full Body Check Up At Affordable Cost

Are you thinking of a Full Body Checkup? But also, you are a money saver who wants to save money on health checkups as well. Nothing wrong; you have earned it with your blood and sweat, so you deserve to save it too. Don’t worry; you are screening the right article. I will try to help you out by answering all your possible queries.

First of all, let me tell you that if you thought of undergoing a Full Body Checkup, you are already saving a considerable sum of money. You may ask, How?

Ok, let us understand this through a situation! One fine day, you feel chest pain and get an appointment from your Doctor; he prescribes you some tests when you visit him. After going through the test reports, he concludes that it would have been better if you had visited him earlier. Quite scary, right?

Again, you have a question: How can one prevent a disagreeable medical shock?

And answer to this question is a frequent cycle of “Full Body Checkups.” I think you are quite clear about the word ‘frequent’, which means consistency should be maintained, for example, annually. Please fix a proper date for the checkup and put reminders for that. Scheduling is a good way of being disciplined.

Deduction Of Tax On Full Body Health Checkup.

Suppose you are an Indian citizen and constitute the economy with your valuable Income Tax. In that case, you can avail a deduction on Income tax when you go for Medical Insurance.

Section 80D of Income-tax India (introduced from the assessment year 2013-14) provides benefits to an individual or a HUF by deduction in tax. If a person has a medical insurance policy in his name, their spouse, parents, and dependent children can avail of the rebate. On the other hand, a HUF can be a beneficiary of the discount when any members have the policy.

How Much Can You Save?

On Preventive Health Checkup, a deduction of Rs. Five thousand would be allowed as stated under Section 80D regardless of the person themself or their family members, including parents and dependent children. This deduction of Rs. 5,000 is included in the Rs mentioned above. 25,000/ Rs. 30,000 or Rs. 50,000.

NOTE: Rs. 5,000 is the total maximum deduction allowed. This is combinely for all. The total gross deduction will always be Rs. 5,000 even when the person pays the charge for any Preventive Health Checkup for himself + his dependent children, + his parents. Applied from 2013-14 onwards.

When it comes to saving, we at AreYouHealthy, always work for the less possible pain for your pocket. We have many available packages for you, which I can assure you that you will nowhere find at a cost less than that is reflected on our portal. Have a look on Aarogyam X.

Full Body Health Checkup FAQ

Why people ignore Full Body Checkups and why is it important.

In this busy world, many of us forget our health needs. But it is indeed said that “Health is Wealth,” and in this article, I will be dragging your attention towards an important topic, i.e., Full Body Checkup. Yes, it is sad that most of us don’t care for it. Some of you think that you have Health Insurance, then what’s there to worry about. Likewise, others too have the same or other reasons to ignore Full Body Checkups.

A Full Body Checkup is a complete checkup or diagnosis of your body, including your major organs like Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lung, etc. It assesses your health by examining your entire body and lets you know if any of your body parts show warning signs or symptoms of forthcoming diseases. It helps you beat the disease before it starts developing inside your body.

You should undergo a Full Body Checkup at least once in two years if you are between 20-30, annually if you are between 30-40, and above 40 should go for it at an interval of every six months. If you have any, your unhealthy habits will be spotted, and you will have a healthy lifestyle.

Nobody cares about the Full Body Checkup in India and thinks that it’s a complete waste of money. If you are among those, it’s time to change your mindset. A Full Body Checkup will always help you save your time and money. “Prevention is better than cure,” and a Full Body Checkup is a preventive measure that will let you be aware of your health and if anything is going wrong with it. Being a fit and healthy citizen of the country, you will be contributing a lot to it in terms of GDP and development too. And will also be a cause for the smiles on the face of your family members and dependents.

What Is The Importance Of Full Body Checkup

Time to look at the benefits you can have because of a Full Body Checkup undergone regularly.

  • Helps us to monitor our fitness.
  • Most Doctors across the globe recommend it.
  • Helps you to discover fatal diseases like cancer in an early or developing stage and prevent it and increase a patient’s life span.
  • Are you having a family history of illness or a history of pre-existing diseases? It should be your priority to go for a complete body assessment.
  • Full Body Checkup, a preventive health checkup, proves to be the best solution when an average human immunity is challenged because of the high levels of pollution, food contamination, and deterioration.

No doubt, we are leading a fast lifestyle. But at the same time, one can not deny that it’s stressful. Stress gives birth to heart diseases like asthma, diabetes, headache, depression, etc. In this scenario, it is always advised to go for a regular Full Body Checkup.

How To Be Prepared For The Full Body Checkup?

It’s not a giant’s job to be prepared for a Full Body Checkup. Before going for the checkup, you should sleep well, i.e., not less than 6 hours. It may result abnormally due to lack of sleep in blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature. It might be hard for the examiner to differentiate whether the result is accurate or not? You can drink water if need be.

We highly recommend not drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours before your booked slot. It is also suggested not to eat for at least 10-12 hours before the checkup. Alcohol or drugs may affect some of the listed tests. You can continue taking your medicine for hypertension as prescribed by the Doctor.

Is a Body Checkup Needed When A Person Is Seriously Unwell?

Regular health checkups lead us to preventive care for our bodies. It is not always necessary that everything that is going to be wrong with your health will show you any symptoms in the early stages. But if you go for a diagnosis, it might come out with an imminent sign. When people undergo a Full Body Checkup, their myth gets flawed most of the time.

Is Complete Body Checkup For A Specific Age Group

Have you ever heard that a person under 20 or 25 has a protective shield on their body that does not let the diseases attack them? A big NO, right? Then how can one say that a Full body Checkup is for older adults or someone above 30 or more? You can note down the frequency of Full Body Checkups based on an individual’s age group in the below-mentioned point.

How Often I Should Undergo Full Body Checkup.

Getting a Full Body Checkup never goes in vain. But suppose you are still curious about its frequency during a specific period. In that case, it depends on the age of an individual.

Age under 30 should get a Full Body Checkup every two-three years. A sexually active woman should get screened for cervical cancer after her initial 21 and discuss the regularity of screening with the provider.

A healthy individual aged 18-40 can undergo a health checkup once a year. Women entering 40 may have Mammograms repeated every 1-2 years. If you are hitting 50 years of your age, you require a Full Body Checkup annually. It would help if you got screened for cancer at this age.

Are All The Tests Necessary?

Many major and minor organs connect to build our complex body system. A whole Body Checkup examines all of those and gives you a complete analysis of your body health. Complete Body Checkup lists test parameters that combine to form a package.

Does it include Imaging tests like X-ray, CT scan, Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI scans?

All the Imaging mentioned above tests requires big machines which are practically difficult to bring to your doorstep to perform tests. When you visit a lab yourself, you are always free to go for any imaging tests.

Will My Privacy Be Leaked If I Go For Full Body Checkup?

Our laboratory partners always maintain a high standard regarding customers’ privacy. You need not worry about your privacy when you undergo a health checkup. Contact the Areyouhealthy customer care team on this phone number at 7289876363 if you need any support.

While wrapping it here, I would like to say that if you are in this world to live and enjoy and lead a happy and carefree life, why to visit a Doctor for treatment when you can prevent the disease. Go for a regular Health Checkup and Stay Healthy!

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