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Test Parameters Included In Thyrocare Lipid Profile

    3. HDL / LDL RATIO
    5. LDL / HDL RATIO

What is a Thyrocare Lipid Profile test?

The Thyrocare Lipid Profile test is one of the most popular lipid profile analyses in India. It is a crucial diagnostic tool used to check an individual’s risk of cardiovascular diseases. This profile assesses levels of fats and cholesterol in the body. This comprehensive test checks various important parameters including low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and total cholesterol. With the help of the critical analysis of the lipid profile report, your healthcare professional or doctor may identify any potential future risks related to cardiac conditions and based on that can prepare a proper treatment plan. Regular check-ups with packages like Thyrocare Lipid Profile help in maintaining optimal cardiovascular health and also promote overall well-being of the individual.

How to prepare for Thyrocare Lipid Profile test?

For accurate results of any blood test, it is important to follow some basic principles. In the case of Thyrocare Lipid Profile, this test is primarily a fasting blood test, which means the individual must fast for at least 10 to 12 hours to ensure proper results. During the test, the phlebotomist will collect a small sample of blood via venipuncture, generally from the arm. This blood sample is analyzed in detail for various lipid parameters such as cholesterol and triglycerides, which eventually gives a vital insight into the cardiovascular health of the individual.

By preparing properly for the lipid profile, one can ensure that the results will be very accurate, and we strongly recommend not ignoring the fasting requirement for the lipid profile test.

What does a Thyrocare Lipid Profile test measure?

The Lipid Profile test from Thyrocare measures important parameters like total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and HDL cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is known as the good cholesterol, while LDL cholesterol is known as the bad cholesterol. So, it is important to check all these cholesterol parameters. Along with that, the lipid profile also gives details of some additional ratios, so the total number of parameters can range between 8 to 10. Remember, the lipid profile is one of the most important tests when it comes to the early detection of heart diseases. It is an essential tool for proactive health management, which helps in timely intervention to maintain better heart health of the individual.

How are Lipid Profile test results interpreted?

When you get the reports of the Thyrocare Lipid Profile test, you will get two kinds of readings. In the first reading, you will see the reading of your blood sample, and in the second column, you can find information about the normal range of the parameter. You can easily check whether the value of your sample is on the higher side or the lower side. Also, please note that there is absolutely no reason for you to reach a conclusion about your health without discussing the matter with a doctor. A healthcare professional can give you a much better insight into the findings of the report.

How does the Thyrocare Lipid Profile test booking process work?

Booking the Thyrocare Lipid Profile package is extremely easy. All you have to do is call our support number, which is 96436 14168, and let us know when you want to schedule the test. Our team will collect basic information, which includes the name of the individual who wants the lipid profile test, the email address, the age, and the location where the representative has to come. You can make the payment at your home; there is absolutely no need to make an upfront payment. Although if you want, you can make the payment earlier also, but again, that is your option.

What are the considerations after completing the Lipid Profile test?

After undergoing the Thyrocare Lipid Profile test, the next step is important. You need to first look at your report and see if everything is okay. We suggest you seek help from a medical professional for a proper analysis of your report. Your doctor will be able to understand the results much better, and if need be, will also adjust your medication. Please remember, we never recommend self-medication. We encourage you to make informed decisions only after discussing the result findings with the doctor in detail.

Please note that on our website, we have other packages where we offer doctor consultation as well, and these packages can also include lipid profile. So maybe you can think of going for those bigger packages so that you will be covering lipid profile as well as many other tests and will also get a complimentary doctor consultation.

Can the Thyrocare Lipid Profile test be conducted at home?

Absolutely! Thyrocare health checkup packages, including the lipid profile test, are available for home collection in many pin codes across India. At this point in time, we are serving over 500 cities for home sample collection. This facility helps you to save your time and also gives you the opportunity to give the sample early in the morning without visiting the nearest collection centre.

How long does it take to receive Thyrocare Lipid Profile test results?

Lipid profile reports are generally generated within a span of 24 to 48 hours; sometimes, the report comes even earlier depending on which city the sample is collected from. Please be assured that you will be notified via SMS and email when your report is generated.

What are the storage and transport conditions for the Thyrocare Lipid Profile test specimen?

Once the phlebotomist collects the blood sample from your house, the sample is securely transported to the nearest processing center. Throughout this process, a high degree of care is taken, including maintaining the required refrigerator temperature throughout the supply chain process. Adhering to this quality service ensures assurance for Thyrocare packages.

What are the coronary heart disease (CHD) risk factors considered in the Thyrocare Lipid Profile test?

Your doctor may consider various risk factors while evaluating the results of the Thyrocare Lipid Profile. Some of the common factors that a doctor may consider while interpreting elevated results may include the age of the individual undergoing the test, family history of any coronary heart disease, smoking habits, presence of hypertension or diabetes mellitus, and any other related complications. We hope that none of these complications occur with you; however, it’s always advisable to have the results interpreted by a medical professional.

What are the aliases for the Thyrocare Lipid Profile test?

The Thyrocare Lipid Profile is sometimes referred to by different names. “Lipid profile” is a generic term, which is sometimes also called a cholesterol profile, coronary risk panel, or lipid panel. One important thing to note is to ensure that the components of these packages are the same as what your doctor has recommended. The name of the package may vary depending on who is recommending the test and which laboratory is performing it. For instance, in India, doctors generally prefer writing the word “profile,” while in the US, medical professionals generally write the word “panel.”