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Pancreatic Profile

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Pancreas Profile Test

AreYouHealthy offers Pancreas Profile Basic at an affordable price. The pancreas is an essential organ that is located in the abdomen. The abdomen is part of the human body and present between the chest and the pelvis. The pancreas has primarily to function. First, it helps in digestion and second regulates the blood sugar. It produces enzymes like amylase and lipase that help to break down the food you eat.

  • Amylase Test. It is a blood test and used primarily for diagnosing pancreatic disease. Amylase is important for digestion, and it helps to break the carbohydrate. Salivary glands and pancreas both produce amylase.
  • Lipase Test. This test helps to analyze fats(lipid or cholesterol). It is a water-soluble enzyme. It is primarily found in the pancreas, but it is also found in the stomach and saliva as well. Amylase and lipase both tests to help to evaluate the pancreas disorder.