Phenytoin Dilantin Eptoin Test

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About Phenytoin Dilantin Eptoin Test

  • Although, this test is known by three names, i.e., Phenytoin/Dilantin/Eptoin Test. But we will call it Phenytoin Test throughout this description. The Phenytoin test determines the level of the drug phenytoin in the blood to maintain a therapeutic level as well as it identifies the potential for toxicity.
  • The Phenytoin Test is available on AreYouHealthy at a low rate. There are many health check-up providers in India, but we assure you of the quality and accuracy of the test reports at the most affordable price.
  • The Phenytoin Test estimates the amount of phenytoin in our blood.
  • Phenytoin is known to be a drug prescribed to cure or prevent the recurrence of some specific types of seizures, which includes complex partial seizures or generalised tonic-clonic seizures.
  • Phenytoin blood testing is done because phenytoin blood levels must be maintained within a range called a narrow therapeutic range. If levels are too low, the infected person can experience seizures. If they are too high, an individual may experience signs and symptoms associated with phenytoin toxicity. These include loss of balance and falling, nystagmus (involuntary eye movement from side to side), slurred speech, tremors, confusion, and low blood pressure.
  • Maintaining a therapeutic level of phenytoin in our blood can be a challenge because of several reasons:
  • The absorption rates differ among different preparation of the drug.
  • Phenytoin is metabolised by our liver enzymes. Enzymes in our liver process phenytoin at rates which differ from one person to another and are affected by an individual’s age (children metabolise it more quickly whereas elderly metabolise it slowly) and our liver health. When our body has reached its capacity to process phenytoin, a little rise in the dose can lead to a significant change in blood concentration, raising the seriousness of side effects and leading to phenytoin toxicity.
Is There Any Test Preparation Needed For The Phenytoin / Dilantin / Eptoin Test?

The Phenytoin/Dilantin/Eptoin Test doesn’t require any special preparation.

When Will Be The Test Results/Reports Sent?

The test results will be mailed to you on your registered email within 48-72 hours. A hard copy of the test reports can also be requested for on an extra charge of Rs. 75/-.

Need Any Assistance Regarding The Phenytoin/Dilantin/Eptoin Test?

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