Phlebotomist Job

Best Job Offer For Phlebotomist In India

Are you a phlebotomist. If yes then you can join our team and make commissions just by referring leads. You will get access to a mobile application that will help you to order bookings for preventive health checkup. The phlebotomist can use this app to look at the bookings made and also look at the expected commissions. This app can also help you to identify the list of serviceable pin codes. This can be an excellent work from home opportunity for Sales executives, Insurance Agents, Nutritionist, Medical Shops and phlebotomist.

You can perform various activities that can hep you secure more ordered. few of these activities are

  1. Blood Test Camp. This way you can get camps done in various societies. You will get customers in more number. Your Incentive will be more as you will have better foot fall.
  2. Child agent integration. You can add your own down-line of sales team members. You will get commissions from orders placed under your agents accounts.
  3. We will also give you a dedicated landing-page that can be used to drive traffic. Orders submitted on these landing pages will directly allocate the order in your referral account
  4. You will be able to use coupon code system that will help you to offer discounts to your referrals.

So what are you waiting for just fill the form and some one will contact you from our team.

We will need your full Name , Email Phone and Address to send you the app link.

Our team will be able to support you


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