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Preventive health checkup In India

Preventive health checkups are extremely useful for diagnosing all types of illness and risk factors at an early stage. Many times people notice disease symptoms at the last moment. At that time it’s hard to recover from that situation, and unfortunately, it may lead to severe health conditions. So by undergoing preventive health tests at the regular interval, the problem can solve easily. Knowing about the disease in its early phase helps a person to fight against it. It’s always better to get regular medical tests done for a long and happy life. There are many diseases where symptoms are hard to examine in the early phase of life, but they cause significant damage to our body slowly. To recover from all these problems one should need proper health care check-up.  provides you best health checkup tests and various packages for people of every age group. Prevention is better than cure. So get your body check up done at regular intervals.

Preventive Health Check up Packages

  1. Preventive Health Check up 80d
  2. Preventive Health Check up 30
  3. Preventive Health Check up 33
  4. Preventive Health Check up 35
  5. Preventive Health Check up 71

Why Preventive Health Checkup Is Important

There are various advantages of regular body checkup. Few of the benefits of regular checkups include:

  1. It reduces illness.
  2. Detection of various health problems and diseases at an early stage.
  3. It Increases the chances for treatment.
  4. It limits the risk of complications by carefully examining the existing conditions.
  5. Increase the lifespan of a person and also improve their health.
  6. Reduce healthcare costs by detecting a problem in the early phase.
  7. It helps us to get updated on new medical information and technologies that are available in the market.

Various Health Checkups With Respective Time Intervals

It is our recommendation to check your health status periodically to keep track of any unfavorable health disorders. You should look after this and get all these tests done according to given time intervals. These tests are listed below:

  • Dental check-up: six months
  • Cancer tests: Annually
  • HIV tests: 6 months
  • Eye examinations after every two years and for people have vision problem should do it annually
  • Skin cancer screening: Yearly
  • Full physical examination: Annually
  • Breast cancer tests: In a month
  • Thyroid tests: In five years
  • Blood pressure: every month

It makes things more clear that the requirement of physical attention isn’t the same for everyone. Having said that once a year physical check-up is a must for all individuals. provides you with all the tests listed above at reasonable prices. We also offer significant discounts for our regular customers, and with our services, you will be happy surely.

AreYouHealthy the Best Preventive Health Checkup

If you are in any part of India and looking for the health-related tests, kindly contact us at +(91) 728 9876 363. Also, you can visit our site We provide the best service for health checkups. We have the various medical packages available at logical prices. There is a huge discount for customers opting for regular health checkups.

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