How can i get covid test for my entire family?

Questions ForumCategory: QuestionsHow can i get covid test for my entire family?
Healthy Bankim Staff asked 2 weeks ago
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Healthy Bankim Staff answered 1 week ago

Its easy to get the covid test done for entire family but one must know if its really needed?
There are 2 type of covid tests in the market these days.

  1. Covid RTPCR Swab Test
  2. Covid Antibody Test.

The Covid RTPCR test is usually done if we have a doctors recommendation. Getting the test done may give results but if a normal person goes for testing at a laboratory and picks up infection then it may create a new problem. So decide wisely after consulting with your doctor. One can talk to a doctor and explain the symptoms and if need be then go for covid rtpcr test.
Lets look at the second test that is a blood test. It is called Covid Antibody Test.
There are 3 Type of Covid antibody tests.
Covid Antibody GT
Covid Antibody IGG CMIA
Covid Antibody Total
In most cities of India home sample collection service is available for covid tests.

There is an article in Economic times about getting prescription for covid test.

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